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rudolph care øko parfume roll-on

Yesterday was finally the launch day of Signature Notes – the first perfume from Rudolph Care.

The beauty press was invited to the French café and bistro Les Trois Cochons in Frederiksberg. The tables were set with perfume, breakfast and the beautiful flower decorations of Leif Sigersen.

lancering af signature notes hos les trois cochons rudolph care

signature notes øko og svanemærket parfume på række


The press enjoyed lovely breakfast before Andrea presented the perfume, her ideas behind Signature Notes and just how she wears the three different kinds of perfume on the skin.

lancering af signature notes med andrea rudolph

andrea fortæller om signature notes til lancering


A Signature Notes Huile de Parfum roll was handed out to the press for them to smell and try as Andrea spoke.

Signature Notes is the scent you know from all of your other Rudolph Care products – soft, warm and wonderful on the skin. Now it’s made as a pure perfume coming both as an regular perfume spray, Eau de Parfum, and as a perfume oil, Huile de Perfume.  

stemning til signature notes lancering

andrea rudolph dufter til sin nye ølo parfume signature notes


Everything was well documented because…. Instagram or it didn’t happen! And thank you – Instagram was overflowing with beautiful images yesterday.


After the press launch Andrea headed to Magasin, Kongens Nytorv. Signature Notes is exclusively sold at Magasin the next two weeks, and on, of course.


You can learn more about Signature Notes, the different perfume formats and the special characteristics, and shop the perfume for yourself, right here.


tre signature notes øko certificeret parfume fra rudolph care


We hope you'll love Signature Notes as much as we do ♥

Love, Rudolph Care 


P.S. If you feel lucky take a look at Annette Kristines BeautySpace today - she has a set of Signature Notes for you to win. Learn more here - and good luck! 



Signature Notes Huile de Parfum purse edition

8 ml
245,00 kr.
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Signature Notes Huile de Parfum

30 ml
745,00 kr.
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Signature Notes Eau de Parfum

50 ml
495,00 kr.
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Acai Body Balm Limited Edition

850 ml
995,00 kr.
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