Little luxuries on a rainy day

Rainy day? Use it as permission for some serious pampering. Put on your facial mask and prepare for a long, luxurious foot bath – and relax and unwind into an indulgent escape. Acai Facial Scrub Mask can be applied as a quick exfoliator to be rinsed off after massaging the fine natural granules into the skin, but if you allow the product to stay on for 10 minutes or more, it will enable your skin to absorb all the moisture and nourishment it needs. And your skin will thank you with a new glow and visible softness.

Add a drop of oil or a little Acai Body Balm to your footbath to amplify its softening, moisturising effect. Use your body scrub to exfoliate your feet when the water begins to cool off, and finish with loads of cream or balm.

Read or listen to a book during your pampering session, or turn on the TV and watch your favourite shows. Make the most of your ‘me day’ – you deserve every moment.

Soft skin all over

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