Mix your skin care

Mix & match your body lotion and facial cream with delicate oils

 Økologisk og Svanemærket hudpleje


We’re approaching a season with challenged skin caused by the changing weather, lower temperatures, and heating systems. Though, you can easily help out your skin by spicing up your daily skin care. 

To many body lotion is an essential part of the routine – especially after a shower. And with good reason. Warm water and soap easily dry out the skin, making it call for moisture. The colder temperatures don’t really do anything good for your skin either, and someone will even feel that their body lotion falls short. Luckily, the solution is quite simple and luxurious; Acai Body Oil

Mix your body lotion with 1-2 pumps of Acai Body Oil and feel how your skin becomes more moist, supple, nourished, and protected. Acai Body Oil consists of 5 organic oils, which will give you what your body lotion might not give you.

Økologisk kropsolie

The face and your day cream might also need an extra boost, and here you can also use the oil trick; mix a single drop of Facial Oil with your day cream for more intense care and a shining, healthy glow. 


We love the combination of Acai Body Lotion and Acai Body Oil.
.. and for the
 Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream with Facial Oil.

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