Moisture boost for a gorgeous winter glow

The best way to prevent dry winter skin is to lavish it with moisture, and that goes for all skin types. So boost your daily moisturizer with a facial oil that will do wonders for your skin during the chilly season. Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil is a concentrated facial oil made from the acai berry containing a powerful, unparalleled cocktail of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The acai berry is also valued for having a similar molecular structure to the oil produced by our skin. This allows Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil to penetrate deeply and deliver moisture, elasticity and glow. Apply it both morning and evening along with your day or night cream.

A balm is a must-have for your skin during the winter months. Our nourishing, rich Acai Body Balm possesses exceptional moisturizing and calming properties. The balm contains a high percentage of shea butter, which is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F, and it also features moisture-boosting agents such as beeswax and organic coconut, jojoba, almond, olive and acai oils. Give your skin some deep nourishing care by using Acai Body Balm as a facial mask. In the evening, after cleansing your face, simply apply a thick layer of Body Balm – in the morning, you’ll wake up with the softest, supplest skin.   

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is an ideal day cream for when your skin reacts to weather and other stressors. The cream is filled with nourishing SOS ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile, which calm and destress your skin, and organic oils and shea butter that soften and enrich. Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is also the perfect choice for your night cream, when the nourishing ingredients can really penetrate and do their work. Both you and your skin will wake up with renewed energy! 

Creams and oils are important when it comes to skincare, but don’t overlook your cleansing routine, which is vital to maintaining your skin’s balance and glow. Rudolph Care’s Acai Facial Scrub Mask contains exfoliating micro-granules formulated from acai berry and apricot, which gently and effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities. In addition to exfoliating the skin, the mask also works as a moisture boost for the face with its rich selection of deep-penetrating oils and shea butter. The non-abrasive exfoliation process also helps deliver the mask’s nourishing ingredients down into the skin and stimulates circulation, so the skin achieves a radiant new glow. We recommend that you use the mask 1-3 times a week and allow it to work for at least 10 minutes. 


Gentle Cleansing Foam

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Moisture Delight

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Smooth Operator Serum

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Acai Facial Scrub Mask

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Acai Lip Balm

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Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream Travelsize

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