Mommy and Me

Top to toe healing balm for mommy and baby


We are pleased and proud to present Mommy & Me: a protective SOS balm dedicated to both mother and baby, coming to the rescue for everything from stressed skin to diaper rash to chapped cheeks – and much more.


In Mommy & Me we’ve combined the very best properties of replenishing body lotion and softening baby oil to create a protective SOS balm that will benefit mums and babies alike. The buttery-soft balm creates a protective barrier and helps to heal delicate baby skin, cradle cap and eczema. Mommy & Me soothes tender nipples, prevents stretch marks and increases elasticity for ‘overworked’ belly skin.




Mommy & Me is the first Rudolph Care product to carry no less than 4 certifications: the Nordic Ecolabel, Allergy Certified, Cosmos and Asthma and Allergy Denmark. We have selected only the highest quality organic ingredients, and naturally our balm is 100% fragrance-free.

Certificeringer Mommy and Me

Mommy & Me is rich in natural emollient oils from coconut, watermelon seed and acai berry which deliver moisture to stressed skin, leaving it soft and
supple. Cold-pressed shea butter has a powerful antiinflammatory effect and both calms and soothes red, irritated skin. Beeswax makes the balm a breeze to
apply and acts as a moisture barrier in the delicate diaper area.



”Mommy & Me is a very special product for me, and the story behind this soft, soothing balm is two years long. When I was pregnant with Alfred in 2015 I dreamed of creating a baby collection, but I soon found that I did not need an entire line. A nourishing star product for both me and Alfred would be enough. We had our work cut out for us, because the balm had to be both effective and meet the standards of the four certifications. And we succeeded.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

You and your baby can use Mommy & Me for all this (and much more!):

• Red, irritated baby bottoms  • Relief and protection for cheeks against wind/cold 

• Baby massage  • Cradle cap  • Eczema  • Chapped lips
• Softening massage balm for caesarean scars 

• Overstretched belly skin/stretch mark  • Tender nipples


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