Mommy & Me – FINALLY!

“I actually think that you should use as few products as possible on your baby and children. They don’t need that much, and if you use certified products, you can just take a tiny bit of your own soap, cream or oil, and use it on the kids. That being said, small children can sometimes need a little extra TLC for diaper rash, or if the baby has cradle cap that needs to be softened and removed, or for giving a massage (and you don’t want to share your Body Balm). Then of course you need to use a safe product that actually works.

That’s why I am so pleased with the Mommy & Me balm finally being ready. It has been two years in the making, and initially we planned to launch it when Alfred was born, but I just wasn’t completely satisfied. It wasn’t good enough. So we kept developing it, and we found the very best ingredients, and now it is finally the way I want it. The balm was formulated to care for delicate baby skin, and it creates a barrier so the irritated area can settle down and begin to heal. It provides moisture, care and protection, and works equally well on delicate skin for both mums and babies.


The balm has been approved by no less than four certifications – the Nordic Ecolabel, which ensures that the product has minimal impact on the environment and thus on ourselves; Allergy Certified and Asthma and Allergy Denmark, which ensure that the product has been toxicologically assessed and is free of allergens and allergenic ingredients; and naturally the Cosmos standard that certifies that all organic ingredients are of the highest quality.

First Alfred, then my growing belly and now also the little one have been the testing ground so I’m satisfied with the results. The balm is especially helpful for sore and chapped nipples. Mommy & Me has helped to calm and heal my skin without being harmful or uncomfortable to the baby, when I went through a period with really troubled nipples. The product is fragrance-free so it doesn’t have a scent other than luscious shea butter and beeswax, which are among the ingredients, and the balm is as soft as butter.

We have it in two sizes, because I find that it’s nice to have a supply at home, but it’s also a good idea to have a smaller, handy version to tuck in your bag. You’re already carrying so much around so it’s important to have something in a small, convenient size.

I hope you will be as pleased with it as I am.”


Love, Andrea


Mommy & Me will be available for you in the web shop, today at noon. If you feel like it, check out Facebook where Andrea will be live launching and answering all of your questions. See you!​

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