Multitasking a la OhLand

How do you make time for yourself – with a fully booked calendar and a small baby – and how important is it to you? 

Making time for myself is one of my biggest challenges. For now, it’s mostly about multi-tasking. For example, I will take a nice bath when my son is also having his bath. The more you can value the present moment, the less your day becomes just another checklist to get through.

How do you prefer to spend your ‘leisure time’?

Playing a new instrument or writing a song. Doing what interests me and which isn’t just useful for others is what gives me new energy.


What is your daily beauty routine – and has it changed after you had Svend?

I don’t have the patience to use a lot of products or makeup, but on the other hand, I’m consistent. I would never dream of going to bed without removing my makeup. I’m fortunate to have skin that doesn’t need too much outside help. I love oils and apply them to my face after my morning shower and before I go to bed, and I sleep with tons of lip balm on because I often feel as though my lips dry out overnight. And I drink an incredible amount of water. I also dry-brush my body before I take my morning shower. 


How do you pamper yourself in terms of beauty?

When I take a bath I usually use a facial mask at the same time. I really like Rudolph’s scrub because it is oil-based and does not dry out my skin. I love nourishing, rich products. Sometimes I sleep with hair oil in my hair, because I colour my hair a lot and it needs that extra loving care. I am particularly fond of Christophe Robin’s lavender oil. 

What’s on your night table?

A pair of ear plugs, a carafe of water, a pacifier, a sleep mask and a Pawpaw lip balm.


Do you have any special rituals or tricks that you use when you are feeling super stressed – both mentally and physically?

Getting out into nature. It always relaxes me. If I feel stressed, I need to get out and feel the sunshine and hear the wind in the trees. And I also need some kisses. 


Do you have a favourite Rudolph Care product?

I am really pleased with Acai Body Balm, which I use every day because I am prone to developing ‘snakeskin’ on my legs. I also use the facial oil regularly. And I think that Cleansing Milk is one of the most effective products on the market – it even removes heavy TV makeup. 

OhLand is currently a judge and mentor for Voice Junior, and this autumn she releases her new music video directed by Kristian Levring. It is the first time that Kristian Levring has made a music video in 20 years, and the song is called “Love you better”.


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