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Body oil makes it easy to keep your skin gorgeous and moisturised all year round, but it’s in the summertime when body oil really does its magic. It doesn’t take more than a moment to smooth the golden drops onto damp skin as soon as you come out of the shower. The combination of heat and water optimizes oil absorption, leaving your skin drenched with moisture and looking radiant. Want to pamper yourself a little extra? Here’s a tip from Andrea:


“When I am going out in the evening and want to show off my summer skin – and also pamper myself – I apply lots of body lotion and then top it off with a few drops of Acai Body Oil. It nourishes the skin with intensive moisture and creates an amazingly healthy and beautiful look.” Andrea 




Acai Body Oil

200 ml
495,00 kr.
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Acai Body Lotion

100 ml
245,00 kr.
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Acai Body Oil

Acai Body Oil UK
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