On a mission to enjoy

“I’ve set myself a goal to enjoy my pregnancy a little more this time. It could be the last one! In any case, I’m going to try to be better at making time for the things you can do only when you are pregnant. Up till now, here’s how my list looks:

- Get more acupuncture treatments

- Pamper myself and my feet with a professional foot treatment

- Go to pregnancy yoga or Pilates, something I never managed last time around

- Get a pregnancy treatment – we do have a customised Rudolph treatment, so that’s a no-brainer

- Buy a Pregnancy magazine

- Download a baby app so I can follow along with the process. I did manage to do this last time. I particularly like the Swedish app called Gravid & Baby, which also offers some tips for dads.

If you have any other ideas for cool pregnancy stuff, I’m open to suggestions.

Love, Andrea”


A Hint of Summer

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A golden guide to summer glow

A Hint of Summer

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