Pay it forward with a flower and a little love

I often find that people I don’t know send me kind notes or things they think I should have – such as some peacock feathers because they know I love peacocks – and it’s something I really appreciate. It’s the same with flowers. Apart from being beautiful, they just make people so happy. For me, the joy especially comes from the fact that someone is thinking nice thoughts about you, and they’re letting you know.

Spontaneous appreciation often means much more than we think. I have a good friend who can’t help giving speeches at dinners, and he always gives such wonderful compliments to everyone, based on some achievement or something they are good at.

I get very inspired by these small acknowledgments, and it has made me better at paying compliments – instead of just thinking them. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal every time. It may be a compliment on a lovely dress or telling someone they have great kids. My point is that it’s a positive spiral. You want to give compliments and praise to others when you get them yourself. So send some flowers, a little love and a few kind thoughts to someone – and keep the positive spiral going. 

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