Plans for Easter

Andrea Rudolph påskehygge

“Most of all I’m excited about being with my family! Togetherness at breakfast, and no one has to rush out the door to work. I’m looking forward to spending time with our families and enjoying lots of good food. And I’m excited for the kids about the Easter bunny dropping by and hiding eggs in our backyard – for the big Easter egg hunt! If you haven’t tried it, I can highly recommend it for a bit of fun at Easter. The children just love it!

I’m hoping for a little sun and enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace with just a jacket or sweater. Big hopes! And I’m also hoping that the night frost disappears so I can plant lots of flowers in lovely pots.”

- Helene
Tisvilde Rudolph Care

“Easter is filled with fun, cosy get-togethers for me and the whole family. My tip for Easter is to head for Tisvilde, where there’s an Easter event that includes a flea market at Pension Kildegaard on Maundy Thursday. We ALWAYS dye Easter eggs, it’s a family tradition. We keep them from year to year and now have a huge collection of gorgeous, quirky eggs – created by everyone in the family from near and far who has spent time with us over previous Easters.

And yes, it’s also become a tradition to run the ‘Hell in the North’ trail race on Easter Monday in Tilsvilde Hegn, so I’ll definitely be doing that again this year!”

- Jane
Alfred og Andreas fødder mødes i et kram

“I ADORE Easter!! Putting up Easter decorations and enjoying the few, but good, traditions we have in our family. We’ll spend Easter at the summerhouse, never mind the weather, we’ll eat delicious Easter meals indoors and have fun blowing out eggs, decorating them with felt-tip pens or dyes. This year I’ve decided to ‘marbleize’ my Easter eggs. We’ll bring in branches and hang eggs and homemade decorations on them – and sprout watercress in small decorated milk cartons. During the holidays, we’ll go on walks and take part in an Easter egg hunt to see if the Easter bunny has left any eggs for us – perhaps chocolate or a cardboard egg with a toy inside.

We’ll invite friends and family to Easter lunch, and this year we’ll also be celebrating little Arthur’s first birthday with Easter cake and a big yellow Trump Piñata which we’ll fill with Easter candy.”

- Andrea

“In our family we dye Easter eggs made with things from nature such as leaves and flowers, tied with thin thread to the egg, and then dyed with fruit-based colouring. The eggs take on the prettiest, most delicate colours and patterns – and they’re ideal as pretty Easter decorations. The Lip Balm Kit is also a hit with the little ones when the whole family gets together for Easter.”

- Louise
Rudolph Stories påskeæg

“I’m looking forward to being at our summerhouse with no TV or internet – just lots of Yahtzee, card games and board games. It’s a luxury to spend quality time with your own family – and to relax. I’ll go on long ski trips with the world’s best sunscreen (smile) and chocolate in my backpack. I’m also looking forward to reading books, both aloud for the kids and of course, for myself! Easter is my favourite holiday.”

- Camilla 

“I’m looking forward to enjoying our annual Easter lunch on the island of Sejerø with the family, which always ends with aquavit and a dip in the sea. And painting eggs with the kids to use in an egg-and-spoon race down the hill near the lighthouse, so we can compete to see whose egg makes it the furthest.”

- Josephine
Påskeplaner på Rudolph Stories

“We’ll be out and about visiting family in Jutland and Møn – and I’m looking forward to spending quality time together with everyone. Usually we’re at the summerhouse during Easter, where the Easter bunny comes and hides eggs for the kids in the garden. My son has already asked in concern about what will happen now that we’re not going to the summerhouse this year. I had to say that maybe the Easter bunny also knew how to get to his grandparents’ house.”

- Dorthe

“I’m most looking forward to spending a cosy Easter with my boys. We’ll clear the table and cover it with cardboard, paper and felt-tip pens, and we’ll make Easter cards and decorations for the windows. With a huge bowl of Easter candy on the table, of course. :-)

We don’t really make a big deal about Christian traditions, but I still think it’s good (and sort of important) to explain to the boys why we observe Easter and let them ponder it a bit. The boys are still so small (1 and 4 years old) that they will more than likely get bored (fast) hearing the story of Jesus’s resurrection, but it’s worth a try!”
- Stella
Påskeplaner i Rudolph Care

“I’m looking forward to some quiet days at my grandparents’ summerhouse on the island of Møn together with my boyfriend and our little puppy, Pablo.”

- Cecilie 

“Easter will be enjoyed in good company with my boyfriend and my lovely, large family. True to tradition, we’ll all gather for Easter lunch at our family summerhouse – and after lunch the big Easter egg hunt will begin. The entire family, young and old, looks for chocolate Easter eggs in the forest – and it can get quite boisterous. It’s so fun and festive. I’m also looking forward to having a few days off, and I dream of visiting the National Gallery of Denmark – and going to their new restaurant, Kaféteria, that focuses on natural and organic ingredients – yummy! And I’m also crossing my fingers for some nice Easter weather.”

- Julie

“For me, Easter no longer means egg hunting in the backyard, decorations or blowing out eggs. Easter was impulsively kicked off on Sunday with a wonderful ‘wonder what we have in the fridge?’ lunch with friends who live close by.

In addition to this lovely initiative, as someone with older kids I can describe my Easter in just a few words. Total HYGGE, reading, quality family time, relaxing, but also being active and getting some C and D vitamins. Because we’ll be recharging for spring at our summerhouse in Spain. We’re looking forward to the Danish spring starting soon and will of course make sure to bring back some of that ‘sunny feeling’ when we return home to Denmark.

While we’re having our Easter holidays in Spain, we’ll also be enjoying Rudolph Care sun products. I love Sun Body Oil. Besides optimum protection, it also gives you the most radiant glow and its spray makes it so easy to apply all over the body. But my ABSOLUTE favourite is our After Sun Repair Spray. I use it all the time, and not just on vacation. It’s refreshing and it gives me so much moisture and beautiful skin, so I use it every day and for events as well.”

- Anette 


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