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“It can be a big challenge to create a product that all other brands already have – especially when you want to improve upon it and also ensure that the product meets our requirements for certification.

I really love scrubs, but I never succeeded in finding one – for face or body – that I liked in every aspect, in terms of consistency, ingredients and efficacy.

There are many classic body scrubs that consist of either salt or sugar in an oil base, and maybe it’s just me who’s a bit clumsy, but I tend to spill half of it on the floor before it goes on my body, and then I’m standing there in a slippery shower stall. The effect is nice, but the method of use is ... not good.

So I wanted a finer scrub. Salt and sugar feel effective, but they are very coarse-grained. So much so that you almost get scratched. And you rarely scrub the skin for very long with something so coarse-grained. It’s a bit of a shame, because you never get to experience that stimulated blood circulation rush through the body. It’s a feeling you can become completely addicted to.

Rudolph’s Acai Body Scrub is fine-grained, and that means that it is gentle on the skin but still very softening. The fine granules are perfect for removing dry winter skin and getting the circulation going, but also for helping to build up a nice tan during summertime. The interaction between polishing the skin and removing the top layer of dry skin cells, then building it up with hydrating sun cream, gives you a much deeper summer glow. A glow which lasts even longer, because the skin is smooth, moisturised and polished.


Acai is an ingredient in all Rudolph Care products, and we use the entire berry. The Acai berry looks like a blueberry, but when you chew it you discover that it’s mostly stone – sort of like a cherry stone. That stone – together with apricot kernels – comprises the scrub granules found in Body Scrub. For the Facial Scrub Mask, we use the pulp as the exfoliator. The rest of the berry is used for oil and extracts, which are also included in both products.

The Acai Body Scrub looks like liquid amber, a colour it gets from the Acai berry, but when you sweep it onto the skin it transforms from a syrup to a milky lotion that pampers and softens the skin. When we developed our scrub it was important to me that it was the consistency of a syrup. So it’s not too thin but also not sticky – and it goes exactly where it should on the body. We spent a long time finding the right consistency, and I love the result.”


How to get the most from your Body Scrub

"Before you apply the amber-coloured scrub to your skin, turn off the shower and sweep water off your body or pat yourself lightly with a towel. The less wet your skin is, the more effective the product will be. Now spend time scrubbing the body from top to toe, and take an additional 15-20 seconds – so you can feel the blood circulating more vigorously throughout your body. The goal is to get your circulation going – it’s fitness for the skin, and it really makes a difference.

Now rinse with water and allow the scrub to transform into a milky lotion on your skin. You’ll notice that your skin feels soft and polished. And that your shower stall isn’t greasy or slippery."


How to get the most from your Facial Scrub Mask

Facial Scrub Mask is a two-in-one product. It’s a facial scrub, but it’s also a facial mask for those days when you have sufficient time to pamper yourself.

I love using it in the morning, because it instantly transforms the face and gives it a glow. Some days I do the Scrub Mask first. I splash my face with water, pat with a towel, then apply the product to my skin. The consistency is creamy and was developed to stay where you apply it. Then I eat breakfast or make lunches, and rinse off the Scrub Mask in the shower.

The fine granules have the same effect as the Body Scrub, but they are much more fine-grained. They gently polish the skin while effectively stimulating blood circulation. It brings life to the face, a gorgeous glow and helps the skin to renew itself. The mask is the same rich consistency as our Body Balm, and some users report a thin film on the face after using it. This is the residue from the nourishing ingredients in the mask. You can of course remove it, but you can also let it stay on the skin and nourish it for the rest of the day. I always do. I just rinse off the granules, pat dry with a towel, and go about my day – sometimes with makeup applied on top.”


Love, Andrea 


Acai Body Scrub

Acai Body Scrub UK

Acai Body Oil

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Acai Body Scrub

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Acai Facial Scrub Mask

Acai Facial Scrub Mask UK

Acai Facial Scrub Mask

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Acai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer

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