Ready for the beach?

Udstyret skal være i orden til hele familien når turen går til stranden - læs med og find din favorit

Beach gear for all ages ​

Sun Face Cream
Your face needs another care than the rest of your body, and therefore naturally there is a sun screen that’s tailored for your face’s needs. Sun Face Cream firms, moisturizes and cares with help from natural active ingredients, and you can easily replace it with your normal day cream during the summer months

Sun Body Oil 
A caring sun oil that is neither greasy nor sticky. Spray it over your body and feel how incredibly easy it is to apply – remember to apply it prior to (and during) your beach trip.

Tip: Exfoliate your skin regularly to obtain and preserve a smooth, sun-kissed tan through summer. See Acai Facial Scrub Mask and Acai Body Scrub as easy, gorgeous and caring helpers for your summer glow. 

Kids Sun Lotion 
No matter if the little ones are fond of the waves or sand castles on the beach, Kids Sun Lotion keeps them protected in the sun. Kids Sun Lotion is very water resistant and has a light texture, which makes it easy to apply. Remember to apply it generously and frequently, and always after every dip. 

Sun Stick
Bringing Sun Stick to the beach is always a pleasure as it gives you a little extra protection for the exposed areas – ears, nose, neck and lips. And if your kids aren’t fond of getting sun screen applied to their face, Sun Stick can really come in handy.

Tip: Apply sun screen before going to the beach – this is the best way to make sure that you apply it thoroughly and generously. Apply twice so that you don’t miss a spot and apply regularly when you’re at the beach – especially after a dip, if you sweat, or dry yourself with a towel. 

Du kan få solcreme til alle aldre hos Rudolph Care med fokus på høj solbeskyttelse og masser af pleje, fugt og glød

Stay Hydrated

Give the skin a break and spray Mist Delight over your face (and the rest of the body, if you want to), and feel the moisture along with a refreshed feeling.

Tip: If you dream of a cooler refresher, you can put Mist Delight in the fridge before using it or bring it with you in a cooling box to the beach. 

Hvad enten man er strandløve eller dronning af sandslottet er der de rette produkter til alle hos Rudolph Care - læs med og bliv strandklar

A cooling and caring ending

When the beach trip is over, and the day has been rich on sun, it’s time for after sun. Our After Sun Repair Spray “puts out”, cares for and rebuilds the skin, and it suits the entire family. Just spray it over your body and give it time to absorb – if you wish, you can follow up with oil or lotion to make the skin extra flexible and beautiful. If you’re a fan of glitter, then our After Sun Shimmer Sorbet is perfect for you with its almost gel-like texture. 

Tip: After you’ve pampered your body with After Sun Shimmer Sorbet, you should try and run your fingers through your hair – this will give your hair the chance to enjoy the caring effect and the golden touch 



Sun Face Cream SPF 30

50 ml
245,00 kr.
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Kids Sun Lotion SPF 50

200 ml
245,00 kr.
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Mist Delight

100 ml
295,00 kr.
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Aftersun Repair Spray

150 ml
185,00 kr.
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