Ready to welcome the new baby

”I have now packed the bag I’m bringing with me when I’m having the baby, and I have just brought along the utmost essentials:

- Lovely soft nightwear from Aiayu – a long shirt and my beloved bathrobe.

- The smallest pacifier available. Made from natural rubber and free from all kinds of endocrine disrupting plastics.

- A toiletry bag with my essentials. A toothbrush, of course, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and soap, cleansing milk and oil. Our new, but not on the shelves yet, Mommy and Me balm is also coming with me. Instead of creating a whole new line of baby products we have created just one – meeting all the needs of both mother and child – from sore red or dry skin to itchy pregnancy tummies. 


- Organic breast pads are a must, just like extra large sanitary towels from the Danish brand Ginger Organic that I really support. All products are certified organic and carry The Nordic Ecolabel to ensure minimum environmental strain.


- I have bought a soft shawl in the most adorable minty green, and then I’m also bringing the amazingly soft lama wool baby plaid that was given to me. Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in that?


- Then I have prepared the baby duvet. It is an ecological duvet that has been handed down from both Isolde and Alfred. The duvet cover used to be mine when I was a baby – it is soft flannel with red and blue hearts. I believe it will bring luck.

- I have also prepared some clothes for the baby. The white playsuit is over forty years old and used to me mine. It is really small and I actually doubt that it fits the new baby. That is also why I have bought another suit – a grey wool one, fitting both a boy and a girl as we still doesn’t know what we are expecting.


So… All set. Now I just need to pack it into my bag and wait for the most anticipated baby to be ready also.”




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