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Did you know about the two treatments based on Rudolph Care products (and that you can find your treatment and esthetician here)?

I went to Sara Jordell, who is located in Valby, Denmark to give my body and myself a little love. Sara is one of the masterminds behind the treatments and she knows the products and the treatments so well that she teaches them to others.

The treatment begins with Sara tucking me into a duvet on the massage table. The duvet’s heaviness and warmth helps my body to relax, and the prospect of getting 90 minutes of peace and pampering is almost overwhelming.

Sara starts at the bottom, lightly massaging my feet. It may seem a little strange to include feet in a facial treatment, but it makes perfect sense because it allows the body to ‘land’ on the table. To feel its own presence, right here. To forget the stress and hectic life for a little while. I feel the tranquility spread over me and I sink a little deeper down into the mattress.

My face is cleansed in the gentlest of ways – with a blend of Cleansing Foam and Facial Scrub Mask. It’s a combination that feels and sounds absolutely wonderful. Sort of... crinkly-crunchy… and it smells amazing. Sara spends a long time massaging the products into my skin, and I almost don’t want her to stop – it just feels so good. But she rinses off the granules with a warm washcloth, and begins lightly massaging my face with Anti-ageing Serum and Facial Oil, and my skin loves it even more than a cleansing routine. 

Sara takes time to massage my hands and arms with Acai Body Balm, apply pressure to my feet, and give me a scalp massage. I just lie there, hoping with all my heart that she never stops. She uses a number of different massage and acupressure techniques and deep tissue massage to relax the facial muscles and release tensions. She also includes craniosacral therapy and reflexology for both face and feet to boost and balance organs, the lymph and nervous system. It is indeed extensive and truly wonderful. I just lie there intensely hoping it will never end.

The treatment is 90 minutes of total relaxation with constant ‘scalp shivers’ from pure pleasure and a body that is so limp and satisfied that the bike ride home seems somewhat unmanageable. I am so relaxed that I almost fall asleep. Sara calls it ‘checking out’ and this was absolutely true in my case. In fact, I checked out so much that I could hear myself snoring when I woke up with a start. But according to Sara, this is completely normal and it is actually the purpose of the treatment.

This is not the treatment for those wanting a here and now fix for skin issues. The treatment addresses your problems and imbalances in a holistic manner, trying to mend imbalances deep and from within. It is not a superficial quick fix. Nor is there any painful deep cleansing involved. This is pure enjoyment, and it feels like heaven. The idea is that the Rudolph Facial Care treatment should be a total luxury experience for the face, body and mind – and it is. Nothing less.


With love, Stinne 


Ps. This is Sara Jordell, and you can read more about her and the treatments right here.



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