What is your idea of pure pampering?

In my world, pampering is all about time – making time for myself. Ensuring I don’t overbook myself is something I have been working on over the past few years. And it’s a perpetual exercise in saying no, prioritising the important things and eliminating all the fluff. This way, I make more time for myself, which I can spend on the things that leave me recharged. On the days when I’m on television, I do away with anything superfluous and I concentrate on my work and my family. But on my days off, I spend time doing the things I enjoy – with my girlfriends or enjoying some alone time.

Completely low key, I love a good, long soak in the bath. It must be something I’ve got from my mother, because she’s just the same. A lovely long bath cures many ills – sometimes the kids want to join me and that’s nice too but, for me, true luxury is taking a bath alone. So I add bath salts or bath oil to the water, put on a face mask and light a lovely scented candle. There’s just something about water and candles that creates an instant spa ambience. I love that.

Taking the time to eat a healthy diet is also a luxury. But it’s more time consuming than grabbing a quick sandwich, and takes planning and forethought. I can feel that, the older I get, the better I function when I live healthily. My body just works better, so I really try to prioritise it. 

What does self-care mean to you – and how do you prioritise it?

I’m a pretty sociable person, but also love spending time alone to find inner peace every so often. In the 11 years that I have been doing live television – first on the News and now on Go’Morgen Denmark – I constantly have someone talking to me in my earpiece and everything is counted down to the second. It might sound a bit egotistical, but my need for peace and quiet and just being myself has grown over the years. I know so many people who have been hit by stress that I am very aware of the importance of not taking on too much and of giving myself a little breathing space. Riding is one of the ways I do this. I ride a lot – mostly alone. Other times I go out and have lunch by myself. It’s cool, and I don't feel lonely. Spending time alone is really good for keeping things on an even keel. 

Do you have any special rituals or tricks you turn to when you feel under extra pressure – both mentally and physically?

When I haven’t seen my close friends for a while, I can feel my energy levels dropping. So I make a date with them – and it doesn’t matter if it’s a few weeks away, just that we’ve set a date. Then we meet when the kids are tucked up in bed and the dads have taken over. We have to make an actual date because it doesn’t just happen spontaneously since we all had our children. The best thing of all is when we go away for a couple of nights – without husbands and children – just the girls. It’s mental luxury! 

Do you do anything special to care for your skin?

I actually have quite sensitive skin, and it does break out from time to time. I love trying out all sorts of different products, but I’m a little more restrained when it comes to my face. I’m using pHformula’s cleanser and face cream at the moment and they are working well for me. I’m crazy about Rudolph Care’s Facial Scrub Mask, which I use a lot, and I also like their Eye Cream. I have regular facials to deep cleanse my skin, and to have someone keeping an eye on my skin and advising me on what it needs.

When it comes to makeup, I’m not as strict about the ingredients as I am with my skin care. Makeup’s one big playground and I love trying new things. When I’m at work, we use a lot makeup, and the most important thing is that it’s nice, long-lasting and the colours suit me. I take all the makeup off before I go home.

If I’m going to something special – a red carpet event or the like – I often have a spray tan. I’ve found the best tanner, and she always knows just how much I need for it to look natural. My skin is very sensitive in the sun, so I always use an SPF 50, and I would rather tan artificially than out in the sun.

What do you always carry with you in your bag?

Hand cream. Right now, it’s one by Amazing Space. And I always carry my lip balm from Bobbi Brown with me, which I swear by. I have really dark lips, and the lip balm is pale pink so it tones it down a little.

Vicks throat sweets are always in there, too. Not because I have a sore throat – they’re just good! And a RawBite bar, so I always have something healthy with me if I get hungry. 

What are your favourite travel destinations and what are the must-sees?

We’re soon going on a family skiing holiday to Switzerland, where we’ve been going for many years. It’s great – especially now that the kids have started to learn to ski. We gather the whole family for a week, and it’s completely different to when we get together at Christmas. This is a week of hard core “hygge” and togetherness. 

Do you have a favourite Rudolph Care product? Why and how do you use it?

The shampoo and conditioner! I have typical fine Scandinavian hair, and Herbal Mint Shampoo doesn’t dry it out or weigh it down. And it goes a long way. It leaves my hair moisturised and full-looking. I’ve never really been one to spend money on shampoo, and used to just use some random brands from the supermarket, but I must say that it makes quite a difference when you try something specially designed for hair like mine.





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