Signe Muusmann's wonder trick

What is your daily beauty routine?

I am a big fan of the Acai Body Balm. I use it as a night cream on my face, for dry patches, when I shave my legs, as a lip balm, for dry hair ends and for diaper rash – you name it! 

I began by using the Body Balm as a night cream because I was going through a time with dry, sensitive skin, and the balm really did wonders for me. Since I started using it, my skin gets exactly the moisture it needs and it always looks great. My facialist, whom I’ve gone to for ages, can confirm it. She is deeply impressed with the difference that Acai Body Balm has made. I only use it as a night cream because it takes a little while to fully absorb. My skin just can’t soak up the rich balm fast enough in the mornings, and I also don’t like to ‘glisten’ too much. So during the day, I use the Anti-Stress cream.

My mother uses Body Balm as both her day and night cream. If possible, she is an even bigger fan than I am and likes to gift all of her friends with this wonderful product. She recommends it to absolutely everyone. At this rate, the entire Mid Jutland area will soon be covered in Body Balm. 


How do you make time for yourself with three children and a full-time job?

These days there isn’t much time for myself, not with three children aged 7, 5 and not quite 1. I simply cannot schedule me-time into my calendar. But if I do find a little time, I’ll pop out to a flea market or lie down on my bed with a good magazine and take a nap. 


What does self-care mean to you – and is it important?

I am absolutely terrible at taking me-time or self-care. I never get manicures, pedicures or massages. They just don’t get prioritized in my schedule. The best I can do is a bath with some nice bath salts. Self-care for me can mean getting a little free time or meeting a friend – without the kids. Considering all the tension I carry in my lower back and neck from nursing and baby-carrying, I really ought to be getting a massage once a week. And a little nail polish would be lovely, actually. 


What’s on your night table?

I can’t get it together to read a book lately, I just fall asleep five minutes after hitting the pillow. So it’s just women’s magazines and home décor magazines these days. I’m one of those people who uses my smartphone just before going to sleep, even though it’s not supposed to be healthy. But it offers me contact and updates from the real world via social media and online newspapers.


Do you have another special Rudolph product – besides the Body Balm?

My other favourite product is Acai Cleansing Foam, which I use to cleanse my face and neck. It’s fast and efficient and can handle dirt, oil, foundation and eye makeup. I follow by rinsing with ice-cold water and it makes me feel so clean. And it smells great. 


A Hint of Summer

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Acai Body Lotion

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A golden guide to summer glow

A Hint of Summer

Acai Cleansing Foam

Acai Cleansing Foam UK

Acai Facial Mist

100 ml
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Acai Facial Oil

15 ml
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