Skincare for winter-ravaged skin

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Your skin needs special protection during the chilly winter months, and if you haven’t switched your day cream for a more nutritious version yet, it’s time to give your skincare routine a little winter overhaul. The undesirable consequence of inappropriate skincare in the winter can be dryness, increased breakouts, permanent redness due to broken capillaries and generally increased sensitivity.

The combination of the low humidity in the winter months and the constant changes in temperature you expose your skin to when you venture outside is really hard on your skin. But looking after your skin needn’t become a battle just because it’s winter. You just need the right skincare.


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A gentle cleanser that does the trick

Your cleanser is important, especially when it comes to sensitive winter skin. It’s vital to choose a cleanser that doesn’t dry out or interfere with your skin’s natural barrier. An imbalance results in dryness, breakouts or pronounced sensitivity, all of which are skin conditions that take time to put right again. If your skin is very sensitive, cleanse it without using any water at all. Water – especially hot water – can interfere with the barrier of your skin, and the limestone in water may also be an irritant.

Rudolph’s winter hit

Acai Cleansing Milk is an effective cleansing milk that both cares for and protects your skin as it cleanses it of the day’s grime and makeup. Massage the cleansing milk into your skin and remove it with a couple of damp cotton wool pads or a soft flannel.


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Organic face cream with built-in protection

Your skin basically needs a cream that protects it from the cold and retains its natural moisture. This usually means using a slightly richer cream than the one you need in the summer. Humidity is low in the winter, and it draws the moisture out of your skin – hence the need for protection. If you’re in the fortunate situation that the sun is shining or you’re at the top of a snow-covered mountain, don’t forget your sun cream! UV rays are every bit as harmful in the winter (if not more).

Rudolph’s winter hit

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is an extra moisturising, nutritious cream, perfect for winter skincare. The cream is packed with organic oils that protect your skin, not to mention a high content of aloe vera, camomile and witch hazel, which soothe irritation and redness.


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Extra help for your skin with oil

You’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to your cleanser and cream, but your skin may still need that extra something to feel truly comfortable. If you supplement your daily routine with a facial oil that your skin can absorb, you will be giving it extra help to retain that much-needed moisture and suppleness. The oil helps bind the moisturising ingredients of the cream to the skin. Oil is not normally used alone in the very cold months, but it is perfect worn as a “vest” for the skin when you apply it under your day cream, or as an extra “scarf”, dabbed gently on top of the cream.

Rudolph’s winter hit

Acai Facial Oil consists of pure acai oil which matches the skin’s structure on a molecular level, allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin. The oil is especially nice to use in winter, as it immediately gives the skin a vivid glow, while making dry skin supple and soft again.

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top Treatment for the skin

Your skin always needs moisture – it almost can’t have too much. In winter, however, it needs both moisture and softening oils to keep it supple and hydrated. A face mask once or twice a week is a good investment if you plan to have skin that is not affected by the winter weather. If you treat it to a moisture mask, follow up with nourishing oils. If you choose to bathe it in softening balm, remember to apply a moisturising cream afterwards.

Rudolph’s winter hit

Facial Scrub Mask is your winter friend when you have a little extra time to yourself. The mask’s scrubbing grains gently keep the surface of your skin soft and free of dry, dead skin cells, while its balm-like texture replenishes the skin’s moisture and suppleness, keeping it soft.

Vinterbeskyttelse med balm på kinderne


Balm generally offers good protection from the cold, as long as it’s made from natural ingredients. The solid texture of the nourishing oils that the balm is made from forms a natural shield against the cold. The skin can still breathe, but without losing its all-important moisture. And your skin will be left looking fabulous! Perfect for you - and the kids as well.

Try popping a travel-size a Lip Balm or Mommy & Me in your bag. Dab on your cheeks, nose and other exposed areas when you’re going to be outside for long periods. They are non-greasy and offer maximum protection.




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