Soft love for soft lips

Sore, chapping dry lips does not have to be part of your autumn as long as you just remember to feed them a little greasy love. Lips dry out when the air humidity drops, and if your lips are not properly protected, they will sting, crack and be all round irritated.

Avoiding this is simple. Latter on the lip balm. Often.

A greasy lip balm will keep moisture locked to your lips so they will stay soft and kissable. Rudolph Care Acai Lip Balm is packed with rich, nourishing oils like olive, jojoba, coconut and sweet almond rebuilding rebuilds the skin’s natural barriers, encouraging it to maintain its own natural moisture and softness. Shea butter provides long-acting protection and the benefits do not wear off even when you eat or take a shower. 

Apply the balm before bedtime, before leaving the house in the morning and of course during the day whenever your lips ask for it. 



Acai Lip Balm

Acai Lip Balm UK

Acai Lip Balm

10 ml
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Acai Hand & Body Soap Travelsize

50 ml
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