STAY SOFT: Exfoliating Soap for hardworking hands

A fresh, new product has joined Rudolph Care’s rose product line. Welcome Exfoliating Soap – a gentle and exfoliating hand soap for hardworking hands. 

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph og Rudolph Care lancerer Exfoliating Soap - en økologisk, naturlig og skrubbende håndsæbe

Let our new Exfoliating Soap stimulate your senses with a hint of menthol and exfoliating granules from apricot seed and the natural mineral silica. The gentle and polishing hand soap will boost the blood circulation while active and nourishing ingredients care for your hands; the acai berry’s high concentration of antioxidants from essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals prevent signs of ageing and strengthens your skin, while aloe vera rebuilds the skin’s elasticity and preserves its natural moisture. 

“Just like the rest of your skin, your hands will benefit from exfoliation. We tend to forget the upper side of our hands, when exfoliating our skin, and that’s a pity, because it’s actually the easiest thing. Use Exfoliating Soap as a regular hand soap and scrub thoroughly. It keeps your skin soft and happy – and it’s gentle, so you can use it often”

- Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

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