Ten tips on making it through January

Morgenmad med æg og grape

1. Eat a delicious breakfast
Get the day off to a good start and make those dark January mornings extra cosy by enjoying a good, hearty breakfast. Andrea often makes a little extra supper to eat for breakfast the next day. You can also spice up your usual porridge or yoghurt by topping it with delicious nuts, seeds, fresh fruit or coconut oil.


2. Yoga and meditation
A yoga session or a short break to meditate during the day is worth its weight in gold if you are under a lot of pressure and lacking in energy. Even though you might feel that you don’t have the time, it can work wonders to take the time to get in touch with your body, stretch out, concentrate on your breathing, and focus on how your body feels. We have a yoga instructor coming in to the office once a week over the next couple of months to help us start the day with a yoga session. We look forward to getting going, because it’s a great start to the day. Find useful tips on doing yoga at home here, and on how to get started with meditation here.


3. More daylight
On those dark winter mornings, it can feel like torture to be woken up by a screeching ring tone on your mobile. But there’s help in that department, too. Andrea uses the light alarm from Philips, which wakes her with a gentle, soft light like a sunrise and the gentle sound of waves. It’s called “Wake-Up Light HF3520/01” and costs around DKK 1,199. 

Golden Kiss Body Oil og A Hint of Summer

4. A Hint of Summer
Even if you’re not one of those lucky people who get to spend January in warmer climes, there’s nothing to stop you cheating your way to sun-kissed, golden skin. With Rudolph Care’s organic A Hint of Summer self-tanner blended into your favourite skin care products, even the palest of winter skin takes on an extra glow and colour. Use it with Golden Kiss Body Oil if you want to add even more glitter and glow to your look. 


5. Winter swimming
It might sound both cold and unpleasant, but winter swimming is one of the things Andrea loves best. The shock of the cold gets your adrenaline pumping and the blood coursing through your veins. It fills you with energy, so give it a go if you haven’t tried it before – but beware, you may become addicted to it like Andrea. 

Havudsigt med skyer på himlen

6. Wrap yourself up
When you climb out of the waves of blue, you can keep the cold at bay by wrapping yourself up in lovely, warm knitwear. Our favourite is from Aiayu, who make sustainable, organic products in wool and cotton. We especially like their knit in the softest, most delectable cashmere. Find it here.


7. Foot pampering
Spend one of those cold afternoons or evenings giving yourself a nice foot bath. Add a drop of Acai Body Oil or a little Acai Body Balm to the hot water to prevent your skin from drying out. You could also scrub your feet with your Acai Body Scrub when the water starts to cool off. Finally, try the good old trick of slathering your feet in Body Balm and then pulling on a pair of cotton socks, which you leave on overnight. You will wake up with the most beautifully soft feet.

Body Balm til fod forkælelse

8. Time to read
January is made for vegging out on the sofa. Turn the cold and the darkness into something positive and use the time to immerse yourself in a good book. If you don’t know what to read, follow Emily Salomon’s monthly reading club right here.


9. Creative with Lip Balm Kit
Winter and cold weather are hard on delicate lips. Lip Balm Kit – made by me is the perfect DIY kit for children and creative souls alike. So, entice your kids into the kitchen and make your own Nordic Eco-labelled moisturising lip balms – with or without colour. What could be cosier than getting creative with your kids? They’ll love it. 

Andrea og Isolde laver læbepomade

10. Drop the diet – treat yourself to something nice
January doesn’t have to mean diet and deprival. It’s perfectly possible to live healthily without depriving yourself all the good things. Eat a varied diet, but leave room for the odd treat here and there – a little piece of chocolate or whatever else you fancy. Drop the trip to the gym and treat yourself to a lovely facial or a body treatment that is good for your body and mind. 

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