The art of ageing gracefully

“It’s not because I think I look old, but I can see that I look different to what I did ten years ago, and if I age like the other women in my family, I will end up with quite a few lines. My grandmother had a lot of wrinkles, but that’s not what I see when I look at pictures of her or think about her. It’s her eyes and her fantastic charisma.

The art of ageing gracefully is about embracing who you are, and carrying yourself with pride. In my opinion lines and wrinkles should not be hidden away.

That being said, I can understand how it can be difficult to see yourself ageing when you don’t feel the least bit old. The connection between the mental and physical change is tricky, and it can be tough to see those who can’t come to terms with ageing. Many become seized by panic and begin making changes in an attempt to stop time. 

My strategy is to give my skin as much care as possible. Of course. I try to moisturise and nourish my skin and keep it dynamic. Beautiful skin is rosy-cheeked and radiant, no matter how many lines and wrinkles you have.” 


Three women I think are growing older especially gorgeously:

Gun-Britt Zeller is one of those women who grow more and more beautiful by age. She has sparkle in her eyes, gorgeous skin and stunning hair. 

Didder Rønlund is absolutely amazing and proves that lifelong, dedicated skincare pays off. 

Lis Sørensen is a great example of a beautiful woman who clearly has lots of lines, and is as beautiful today as she was 30 years ago." 


Daily loving skin care, sun protection and my indispensable Save My Face pillows keep my skin beautiful now and in the future. 



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