The art of making your fragrance last all day

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Perfume is made up of various fragrance molecules that blend with your own personal scent when the perfume touches your skin. The molecules evaporate slowly over time and allow the perfume to be smelled on your skin – strongly at first, then weaker later on.

Perfume – whether it’s Signature Notes or another – is not designed to stay fragrant throughout the day. But there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your fragrance has more depth and lasts longer on the skin.


1. Layering

Signature Notes is basically the same fragrance that you find in the rest of Rudolph Care’s products. This means that you can layer and build long-lasting fragrance using Signature Notes along with other Rudolph Care products. Body Soap, Body Lotion and Body Oil carry the same fragrance composition, and when you build your fragrance by layers, it lasts much longer.


2. A good base

Another trick to give your fragrance staying power is to use it on well-moisturized skin. Do this by applying your fragrance right after your bath or shower, and for even better results, just after applying Body Lotion or Body Oil. The oils in both the lotion and body oil help to bind the fragrance molecules to the skin so they last longer. If you haven’t had a shower and don’t have time to apply lotion/oil, apply a thin layer of Lip Balm where you want your fragrance to go and it will bind to the fats in the Lip Balm.


3. Keep it warm

When you apply perfume to your pulse points, you are helping the fragrance to develop and disperse around you. So apply your fragrance on the throat, neck, wrist, behind the knees and also at the navel – it’s always warm there. Avoid rubbing your fragrance between your wrists – you risk overheating the fragrance molecules so that they develop differently than expected.


4. Put fragrance in your hair

Another way to keep your fragrance going all day is to spray it in your hair. Your scalp is warm and your hair diffuses the scent when your hair moves during the day. This way, you’ll be able to smell your favourite fragrance all day long.


5. Top up with a little more fragrance

If it’s a long day, even the most fragrance-optimizing preparations may not always work. So it may be necessary to top up with a little extra fragrance throughout the day. Use the layering-on-lip-balm trick or make it easier for yourself with the little rollerball bottle that glides lightly over the skin to make you smell amazing.


byg din duft op med alle tre signature notes fra rudolph care

Signature Notes is designed for layering

The three Signature Notes products – Huile de Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum Purse Edition – are designed to deliver the deepest and longest-lasting fragrance experience when they are used in combination with one another.

Start with Huile de Parfum on your clean, dry skin. The luxurious oils both nourish your skin and make the fragrance as dense as possible. Distribute the oil with your hands and don’t forget to dab inside your elbows, on your wrists, throat and perhaps even the navel and behind the knees. The fragrance develops where the skin is warmest, and if you apply Huile de Parfum to your pulse points you will be enveloped in fragrance all day long.

Then allow the Eau de Parfum, sprayed with an outstretched arm, to descend over both skin and hair like a fine fragrance mist. The aqueous formulation makes for easier application, and is also suitable for putting on the hair and on clothing (but beware – not all clothing can withstand perfume). A spritz of fragrance in the hair is an elegant way to leave a discreet trace of fragrance – in a hug, and in a room – without overwhelming your surroundings.

Refresh your fragrance during the day with the chic Purse Edition. The small glass rollerball bottle makes it easy to roll a little perfume oil on the skin (and it’s also great if you don’t have time or want oil on your hands in the morning). Roll it behind the ears and along your throat, glide it along your wrists, décolleté and on each of your temples. Wonderfully subtle without being too toned down.

Signature Notes

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