The art of travel

the art of travel


The Wave, Arizona

One of the wildest experiences I’ve had was a hiking trip in the desert on the border between Arizona and Utah. The Wave is a sandstone rock formation formed by erosion over many millions of years and it’s situated in the middle of a desert. The area is fragile so the authorities only allow 20 people into the area each day. There’s no cellular phone coverage, no emergency services and no signs, so you venture into the 35 C desert with a map and 4 litres of water in your backpack to hike across cliffs and undulating sands. But it’s all worth it when you reach the magical area with its gorgeous red and orange colours. Everything is created by nature and you have the pleasure of feeling completely alone there. You can get access through an online lottery or just show up the day before and try your luck.


Helsinki, Finland  

Until my first visit to the city last year I had a very biased idea that the Finnish capital was grey, boring and cold. It’s nothing of the kind. At least not when it’s spring/summer, as it was when I went there. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by an archipelago, a little like Stockholm. During the summertime the nights are extra long and light, and you can spend time on one of the archipelago’s small islands or at one of the many fantastic restaurants. Finnish design, like Danish design, is known all over the world and there are designer boutiques scattered across the entire city, and there’s even an entire design district to explore. And the Finns themselves are so fun and sweet.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Some call Tel Aviv the Miami of the Middle East and it may be a fitting name as the city is lined by a 10 km-long beachfront, if you include the suburbs. The weather is nice all year round (though autumn and spring are the best seasons) and you can find locals lying side by side on the beach at the weekend. There’s fabulous cuisine from every Middle East tradition, and the menus feature amazing vegetarian alternatives. Israelis love to go out, eat and drink, and the atmosphere in Tel Aviv is so festive that you’ll never be bored for a second.



I dream about travelling to Georgia, which is still relatively undiscovered by tourism. It was hidden behind the Iron Curtain and, since its liberation from the Soviet Union, it’s been pursuing its own unique identity. It’s tucked away between Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey – and the nature is incredible with the Black Sea on one side and the Caucasus mountains threading their way through the country. You can explore the charming old capital city of Tbilisi, discover the beautiful nature and taste wines from the country’s very own vineyards.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

I’ve still got Morocco to look forward to and even though cities such as Marrakech, Essaouira and Casablanca are the more obvious choices (and I do want to experience them), I really want to explore Northern Morocco. Chefchaouen, a city from the 1400s, is stunningly beautiful and is known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco. All the houses are painted the most fantastic shades of blue, and here you can also find great local crafts such as carpets, pottery, baskets and more to take home with you. Even though Chefchaouen attracts many tourists, Northern Morocco itself still offers plenty of potential to explore small, interesting villages.   


Get inspired for your next vacation or dream yourself (far) away in Anne Christine’s universe “The art of travel”. Anne Christine has a background in the fashion and magazine industry and it really shows in the content of her blog – there’s always something alluring to see and read about. We quite like her travel beauty guide for obvious reasons …



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