The born winner


Herbal Mint Shampoo was nominated in the category of Hair Care Product of the Year, and even though it did not win the award, it will always be a winner in our book.

The combination of abundant lather and pleasant fragrance in an organic, certified shampoo that feels luxurious from the very first pump with the sensation of clean, silky hair that’s also easy to style is a winning formula without rival. And you know it too – just take a look at the comments (which we adore – keep them coming!) from those of you who have already embraced this very special shampoo.


It’s always a pleasure to receive a Danish Beauty Award, and the four awards that Andrea and Rudolph Care have won over the years are highly prized. But it is of course a bit disappointing after all;

“I’m always bursting with anticipation when the category we are nominated in are announced on stage. This really does mean something! That is also why it is annoying not to be the winner. I’m really a sore looser, but I can be happy for the winner – and also just being nominated and among the top five is a big thing.”​ Andrea 


If you’re curious about our award-winning products, you can discover a little more about them here, and do you want to know more about our organic super-shampoo, klick right here






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