The cure for cold and darkness

“It’s not in my nature to get the blues, but of course I can have bad days where I am tired and my energy levels are low. And it’s easy to be a little sad and tired when you’re challenged at work, having difficulties with your partner or that sort of thing. But actually the light itself is what most affects my mood. That’s why we decided to live on the fifth floor. Even though we have to carry our shopping, children and dog all the way up those stairs, it’s a price I am happy to pay because we have lots of LIGHT. There’s life in the flat even on the darkest days, and it has a huge effect on mood and energy.

Another thing that really influences my mood in any season is that I’ve begun to cultivate positivity. I’ve actually always had a positive mindset and see things as challenges, not problems, but a few years ago I began to consciously cultivate it. Whatever happens, I can see something positive in it, and that’s where I focus my energy. I do the little things that make me happy and always try to find time for the things that fill me with energy. It gives me a boost and a feeling of joy, and I have to say that I have become even happier as a result.

A third thing I’ve found important is waking up calmly. Waking up in the right way sets the tone for the entire day. I try to get up in good time so there’s no morning stress, and I actually enjoy being up and about a half-hour or more before the others. It gives me time to myself, a cup of tea, and silence. I get a good start to the day and energy for the rest of the family, as well as energy to make the breakfast we enjoy.”

I also have a few tricks that help me during the dark, cold winter months:


My wake-up light

I think that it’s horrible to be woken up by an aggressive ringtone, and if I use my phone as an alarm then I set it to the harp ringtone. But in winter I always use my Philips wake-up light, which I adore. It wakes me with a gentle, natural light like a sunrise, and it’s very pleasant. It also has wake-up sounds of waves or birdsong – it’s really lovely, and a huge help in starting the day off in a positive way. 


Nordic Ecolabel candles

I love candles in the kitchen in the morning. Often I’ll light candles on the balcony because it looks so warm and inviting when the kids wake up and shuffle in to have breakfast. It’s just so cosy. And naturally I only use Crone candles, which carry the Nordic Ecolabel. 



I’m a vest girl, and I simply must wear a wool or silk vest when it is cold. I buy them for the kids, too. Joha makes the most luscious wool-silk underwear for kids and it beats cotton by a mile. It naturally regulates body temperature and it’s never too warm. I’m also addicted to Aiayu’s thin wool socks – I simply love them. 




During winter I try to always remember to take my vitamins and generally include a few healthier things so my body is prepared to provide some resistance. I also juice a bit more in winter – right now I am quite hooked on beetroot juice, providing iron and vitamin c for the baby and I. 


My calendar

A little tip of mine is always having something in the calendar to look forward to. It doesn’t need to be a long vacation to warmer climes, but it’s just so important to have something to get excited about – a day off, an outing with friends or a special date night. Right now we’re naturally looking forward to Christmas, but our winter vacation in February is already booked and plotted in the lovely family calender from Kartotek Copenhagen."


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