The Friend Book - Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

Name: Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

Age: 30

Star sign: Aquarius

Favourite colour: Oh, I love colours and I have so many favourites. If I had to pick just one, I think it would be blue, because I think there are so many lovely shades of blue.

Spirit animal: I took a test on the web and it said that my spirit animal is the lion, but I really think it’s more like a French bulldog.

Favourite season: That’s a tough one, because I am a huge fan of changing seasons and they all have something uniquely lovely about them. But summer probably takes my top spot ... because ... I LOVE heat and the sun. As a designer, it’s often summer when I get a lot of new inspiration from holidays and excursions. One’s outlook becomes lighter and the energy level gets a boost. I love all the outdoor activity that takes place in the summer and the long, light nights. And I love the lushness of nature and all the delicious seasonal Danish foods. I could keep going, because a good Danish summer is hard to beat.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a … a ballet dancer and a farmer with a huge farm and lots of animals – all at the same time, of course. Later on my big dream was to become a chef. I wanted to be just like Jamie Oliver …

Today I am …. Trained textile designer specialising in print from Central Saint Martins, School of Art & Design in London. I’ve now established my own design studio in Frederiksberg.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be … more is more!

I am good at … baking cakes and dancing.

I’m happiest when … together with people I care about and we’re enjoying ourselves. And it makes me really happy when a design I’ve done works and becomes a success.

My deepest wish is … World peace and a sustainable future. Yes, it’s an answer that’s probably a cliché to write in a Friend Book, but a hope and wish that I unfortunately am constantly reminded is more important than anything else. But right now my biggest wish is to get a French bulldog, travel to Morocco and Japan, sail around the world in a beautiful boat and get married to my boyfriend.

The easiest way to make me happy is … by giving me a kiss and a hug, and when I manage to get those from my little nephew, it’s even better. You can also serve me a delectable dessert and I really, really love getting flowers, too.

It makes me angry when … climate change isn’t taken seriously! And we’re not getting any smarter when it comes to human rights, either.

The last time I cried was …. It happens fairly often … and it can be over the most banal things such as good news or a TV show. I’m very emotional so I am brought to tears quite easily. It can be a little embarrassing at times.

It makes me angry when …. My terrible, almost Southern European temper comes out. I apologise in advance!

It pisses me off when … people throw litter and mess with nature. It’s so disrespectful and yes, I am the type to tap people on the shoulder and say “you dropped something”. The way we are destroying our nature, animals and climate in general can really get my ire up.

My girlfriends mean ….so incredibly much to me! They know me in that very special friend-confidential way.

Things I do only with my girlfriends … girl talk.

The meal I remember most is … I remember so many delicious meals. Here are a couple from my childhood: The retro-kitschy Baked Alaska dessert served for my confirmation. Blue potatoes from my grandparents’ garden – I was probably 6-7 years old and didn’t dare eat them. One meal that stands out in my memory is my family’s visit to a little sidewalk café in a small French town. The host wrote and drew the menu on the tablecloth, and the mother was in the kitchen conjuring up the most fantastic stuffed courgette flowers, and for dessert we had the best crème brûlée I have ever tasted. It was an enchanting and very authentic meal in every sense.

My favourite treat is … marshmallow frogs, marshmallow eggs, Irma’s marshmallow treats, sour candy and chocolate-covered marshmallow puffs.

In summer I like to drink … my mother’s homemade elderflower cordial.

The song that always gets me onto the dance floor …. I am so bad at remembering songs, but when they play Earth, Wind & Fire or another disco or funk number, my presence on the dance floor is guaranteed.

The best book I’ve ever read is … 100% a cookbook and probably one of Jamie Oliver’s because…… there are so many inspiring things in them, about food, culture, rituals and traditions – and they’re often jam-packed with gorgeous pictures.

The thing I always take with me on holiday … a sketchbook and my camera.

My absolute favourite city is … London! I lived there for 5 years and the city, and England in general, have a big place in my heart. It’s become my second home, and I feel at home there.

Sometimes I tell white lies when …. I never lie…… Ok, so if I do lie once in a while about how much cake I’ve eaten, I always get busted because I’m so bad at lying.

If I won a million, I would … travel around the world twice. First in a sailboat and then on a motorcycle. I would also buy a lot of amazing printer gear for my studio.

If my house was on fire, I would save these three things … my boyfriend has asked me to save his analogue negatives first, so I’d have to do that, and afterward I’d save my jewellery, photos and art.

I spend a lot of money (maybe too much) on …. My hair. It’s super expensive to have it cut and coloured all the time.

I would like to become better at … see my friends and work out, which means that I would also have to become better at leaving work earlier.

When I get old, I want to … be just like Iris Apfel and ride around with my French bulldog in a Jaguar E-type.

My proudest achievement is …. That I was accepted into four design schools in London, and therefore my dream of studying at Central Saint Martens came true.

Do you have a favourite Rudolph Care product?

I have so many favourites. I am actually a super-fan! Acai Facial Scrub Mask – it’s fantastic! It’s actually my boyfriend’s favourite. The hand cream is so good and softening for my trashed printer hands. I swear by Acai Facial Oil and use the precious drops every single day. Ah, it’s so good and it makes my skin wonderfully soft without leaving a greasy residue. It’s lovely to apply, has a fabulous colour and smells so amazing. I also really love the sun creams. Oh, I could just keep on going!


With love,



Foto: Per Krogh & Privat




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