The joys of the senses

I find that I can get a ‘happiness shot’ from using my senses and consciously noticing the things that are happening around me. It’s easier now during summer, where everything is a bit slowed down, and I know how quickly things can vanish from consciousness in our busy daily lives. When I take time off and gear down, I open up more and begin to notice different things: the morning light, birdsong at sunrise, the scent of the sea – that sort of thing. Yes, I know it sounds kind of dreamy and idyllic, but it’s true.

When you open up your senses, it’s the commonplace things that take you by surprise. I love the sound of an oat field swishing in the wind, and sometimes I stop the car just to listen to it – to notice it. But sensory joy can also be found in allowing yourself the time to truly taste what you are eating, or smell what you surround yourself with. Or a beautiful view that you appreciate for longer than the time it takes to register that it is a beautiful view.

Just stay – and your senses will reward you. I’ve turned it into a kind of sport, and I can assure you that it is never boring.

Love, Andrea 

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