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Why did you create Wash Your Face – why a universe intended just for teenage girls? 

I thought there was a need for it. There are so many excellent blogs and fashion sites, but none that reach out to this target audience. When Malene Malling decided to close the monthly magazine Cover, I knew that I would start something myself (Liv was a beauty editor at Cover, ed.). After a phone conversation with a good friend, I excluded everything that I didn’t want to do. We ended up talking about how there wasn’t a dedicated beauty universe for young girls. So the idea quickly blossomed from there. I have been a magazine beauty editor for more than 10 years – first at Costume and then at Cover. At the magazines, it was important to include all age groups and all types of readers. At it’s fun to write for a narrower target audience. The site is for young women and written for millennials (i.e. women under 28-30 years of age). All of the expensive anti-age products have been eliminated from the message. The category Young Guns is a teenage universe dedicated to readers ages 14-19.

What has surprised you the most about teen skincare?

They are more concerned with organic products that I had expected. Which is clearly also an urban trend. It’s not an absolute must that everything is organic, but it’s really something that they think about and talk about. And the collecting craze has surprised me, especially among the very young. They collect fragrances in interesting bottles, lip gloss in fun packaging and nail varnishes. The funny thing is that many of the girls aren’t even actively using these products yet. Most use lip balms, deodorants, cleansers and day creams, and they are seeking natural products.


What are your thoughts on what teenage skin actually needs?

I’ve always disliked the scare tactics used by some of the major skincare brands when it comes to young skin. They really play on the fear of ending up with bad skin. Of course it’s important to establish healthy cleansing routines as the skin begins to produce more oil, but I think that many young women start using harsh products as soon as their skin begins to change a bit. And then it becomes a downward spiral because it’s hard to know whether the skin is reacting hormonally or to product misuse. But at the same time there is a small group of young people who really do have major skin issues, and they do need the cleansing products with salicylic acid and names like STOP THE BREAKOUTS!, because sometimes radical action is necessary. Personally I believe that a combination of regular cleansing, moisturising and a dietary supplement in the form of B-vitamins and magnesium can have an incredible effect on hormonal acne.


How do you find girls for the site? 

I find many of them through my own network. I’ve worked as a make-up artist and I’m a trained hairdresser, and through my work as a beauty editor I have come to know a lot of different people. Some of the girls are obvious choices because I know their parents, but there are also many who send me hints about girls they think I should talk with. In the youngest category I look for girls who have a story in addition to the products they use. Perhaps they ride a horse six days a week, go to ballet class, are a ‘goth’, want to be an artist, or maybe they create their own beauty products.


What do you hope to teach them?

I would like to teach young people that they must take care of their skin. It’s important, even though it deals with the superficial. Because when you are young, having healthy skin feels like freedom. At the same time, there must be space to play and dream about what appearance means to them as well as how it affects others. But in concrete terms, I want them to know that beauty is about all the things that they already have. Not what they don’t have.

Liv Winther is the woman behind Wash Your Face, knows what she is talking about. She is a trained hair stylist and make up artist and was beauty editor at Costume and Cover (Danish fashion magazines) for more than 10 years.


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