The Rudolph-team’s summer favourites

Læs med når alle medlemmer af Rudolph Care familien peger på deres favoritter til sommeren, som bærer præg af alt fra solcreme , selvbruner , body balm og eksfoliering

Helene: “At the moment I use A Hint of Summer with almost everything. I mix it both with my sunscreen and body lotion. It makes my legs’ transition from pale to tanned more manageable :-)  .. Exfoliation is also important for my skin. I mix Acai Cleansing Foam with Acai Facial Scrub Mask – it a makes the exfoliation seem lighter, and I find that lovely in the summer heat”

Andrea: “I love bathroom-time, and I have a bit more of it during summer. This year I’m particularly fond of our After Sun Repair Spray, which is delightful to use after a day in the sun – and it’s super easy to apply with its handy sprayer. I love the way it “puts out”, repairs, and nurtures my skin with its many nourishing ingredients - among other chamomile, aloe vera, and cucumber extract. You can easily use After Sun Repair Spray by itself, though I like to follow up with Acai Body Lotion, because it gives me extra-smooth and beautiful skin.“​

Rudolph Care teamet peger på deres yndlingsprodukter til sommeren i mellem de mange økologiske, bæredygtige og luksuriøse hudplejeprodukter

Camilla: “My absolute favourite combination during these warm months is Acai Anti-ageing Serum together with Sun Face Cream SPF 30. Both have a light texture that’s neither sticky nor greasy, though they still keep my skin thoroughly moisturised and smooth all day. These two are the perfect couple!”​

Dorthe: “It’s hard to choose, but I especially love Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 Shimmer Edition. I think that the shimmer does something to the texture, which is completely soft, creamy, and gorgeous. After a day in the sun I use After Sun Shimmer Sorbet, which I also pad onto my cheekbones and temples, after I’ve put on makeup – it gives me a neat and festive summer look :-)”​

Serum under din solcreme er en kombination vi ikke vil undvære i sommermånederne

Annette: “I just loooove giving my feet a nice foot bath out on my terrace. I like to scrub my feet thoroughly with Acai Facial Scrub Mask and top off with Acai Body Balm before putting on socks and hitting the bed. The day after I have nothing but lovely soft summer feet.”

Cecilie: “This summer I use our shimmer-products. In the morning, before I go out, I use Sun Body Lotion SPF 15 Shimmer Edition. I feel that it adds extra glow to my skin, and it makes me feel good with bare legs. In the evening I use our After Sun Shimmer Sorbet – it enhances my summer glow and calms my warm sun-kissed skin.“​

Body Balm i skønne omgivelser

Line: “I love to mix A Hint of Summer with Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 Shimmer Edition – they’ll rescue even the palest legs”​

Jane: ”I just arrived home from Spain and the amazing sun, and here I discovered the best combo: After Sun Repair Spray followed by Acai Body Balm. Often, I don’t have the patience to wait for the Acai Body Balm to absorb into the skin (not even when I’m on holidays…), but if the skin is moistened with After Sun Repair Spray prior to applying Acai Body Balm, it’s like the balm is absorbed a lot faster and easier. This combination gives gorgeous, neat, and thoroughly moisturised skin.“​

Vores favoritter skifter med årstiden i Rudolph Care, men enkelte klasikere går igen. Især After Sun er på programmet når teamet peger på deres sommerfavoritter.

Pernille: “At the moment I’m testing routines, but a must during summer is Sun Face Cream SPF 30 for my face. Besides that, I’ve become great friends with Acai Cleansing Foam, Acai Anti-ageing Serum and Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil in my evening routine.”​

Josephine: “With fair skin that doesn’t tolerate much sun, both sunscreen and self tanner are fixed inventory on my bathroom shelf during summer. I mix a drop of A Hint of Summer with my Sun Face Cream SPF 30, and a few more with my Sun Body Lotion – that way my face and legs get a tan, while I still protect my skin from the sun.”​

Vi deler vores personlige sommerfavoritter som bærer præg af kærlighed til en bred vifte af vores mange økologiske og luksuriøse hudplejeprodukter

Julie: “A perfect combination for me during summer is Sun Body Oil SPF 30 and After Sun Shimmer Sorbet. The sun oil is extra good for bare legs and arms, as it protects, but also gives moisture and glow. After Sun Shimmer Sorbet is one of my absolute favourite products all year round. The texture is so light and lovely, and it instantly gives my skin a glossy moisture-boost. A tiny tip is to run your fingers through your hair ends, when you’ve used After Sun Shimmer Sorbet – that way your hair can enjoy the shimmering mineral and the nurture from the product.”​

Camilla S.: “I’ll go on holidays with A Hint of Summer and our lovely Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 Shimmer Edition. I love the extra touch that the shimmer gives my skin, and with a little help from my favourite self-tanner I’m going to have delightful holiday skin.”​

Læs med når hele Rudolph Care holdet deler deres personlige sommerfavoritter og kombinationer, som bærer præg af kærlighed til især selvbruner, solcreme, after sun og eksfoliering

Louise: “I love using Acai Cleansing Foam every day as a morning ritual. And around two times a week I apply Acai Facial Scrub Mask to my face in the morning, before taking a shower. While it works with my face, I have breakfast, do laundry, or prepare lunchboxes (for about 30 minutes). After that I shower, where I use Acai Cleansing Foam to loosen the oils from the mask. It gives me gorgeous, moisturised skin in the heat of the sun.”​

Sofie: "In the summer I especially find joy and well-being in newly shaved legs. For that Acai Body Balm is my best friend, because it calms and takes good care of my skin after shaving. Irritated and reddened skin comes easily, when you shave your legs, but Acai Body Balm does my skin so good that I never experience anything but happy and smooth summer legs.” ​


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