The Rudolph team’s sun favourites


I’ll be using After Sun Shimmer Sorbet on my bare legs all summer – at work, parties and on vacation. It’s gorgeous and subtle without making you look like a disco ball. And I’m so scared of the sun that my face is always covered in high SPF products, so Sun Face Cream SPF 50 is absolutely my friend.


I use Sun Face Cream SPF 15 or SPF 30 as a day cream all summer, together with Anti-Ageing Serum. You can apply a nice makeup on top of the sun cream because it’s not greasy. After Sun Repair Spray is also one of my favourites. It smells lovely, repairs and cools the skin, and is super easy to use for both children and adults. It stops any burns and begins caring for the skin immediately. I spray it on my whole body or just where I’ve had too much sun. It can also be used for tired and swollen legs, even if the sun isn’t shining.


My must-have for the summer bag is Sun Face Cream SPF 30, which gives me protection and the most beautiful natural glow throughout the day. It’s also fabulous to use with a little mineral powder for summer parties or festivals. But I must also mention my new best friend, which is After Sun Shimmer Sorbet. It gives my skin plenty of moisture after a day out in the sun, and the lovely glow it leaves on the skin makes me excited about using it with lots of pretty summer dresses.


I have to name several I can’t do without, including Sun Face Cream SPF 30 and Sun Body Oil SPF 30. I’m a big fan of the oil because I think it applies really quickly – and that matters when you’re heading to the beach! And I’m really looking forward to using our new After Sun Shimmer Sorbet. It’s an amazing product that creates the most beautiful shimmer effect. I actually also use it without having been in the sun because it adds a really alluring shine.


My favourite is Sun Face Cream SPF 30, because it protects me against the harmful rays of the sun, while it also has concentrated apple extract that effectively boosts cell renewal so my skin retains its suppleness. And the consistency is perfect. This year I’ll be using the Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition for the body. I’m very happy with our regular Sun Body Lotion SPF 30, but this year I’m going to enjoy the subtle sheen of shimmer.


Actually I can’t do without any of our sun products, but I’d like to highlight Sun Face Cream SPF 30 and After Sun Shimmer Sorbet for me and Sun Kids for my children. We are going to have a summer holiday in our cottage in Rørvig, Denmark, and we are looking forward to wonderful Danish summer weather – with plenty of sunscreen.


I simply cannot live without our Kids Sun Lotion SPF 30. With three active boys in the house who love swimming, it’s our family’s optimal sunscreen.
After almost a year on our sailboat, where we only used this cream and none of us got burned, there is no better sunscreen to me. But that said, I’ll also use the new Sun Body Shimmer SPF 30 – perfect protection with a touch of glamour – love it!


My must-have is our new Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition. I’ve really been excited about getting my hands on it since it came onto the shelves. I just want to shimmer all summer – which will of course be a long one! 



I can’t choose just one, and I actually have all Rudolph Care sun products at our Spanish cottage. I use Sun Stick SPF 50 on my nose every time I’m in the sun, because it always gets red! And SPF 30 for body and face. This summer I’ll conclude my evening shower with our new After Sun Shimmer Sorbet, and I’m looking forward to enjoying its cooling effect on the skin, and of course the golden sheen that will go so beautifully with a white summer dress.


I always have Sun Face Cream SPF 30 in my bag during the summer. My skin is very pale and it doesn’t take much to turn me into a tomato. My nose and cheeks are particularly vulnerable, so I love our sun creams for the face. They are easy to apply, non-greasy and don’t leave a white cast, but they give the skin a nice glow and of course excellent sun protection. The Sun Face Cream also provides plenty of moisture, so I only need my serum during the summer.


In addition to Sun Face Cream SPF 50 to keep the hormonal pigmentation on my forehead in check, I can’t do without Sun Kids SPF 50. It often ends up being the one I’m covered in when I apply it to the kids by force. However, I also have the Sun Body Oil SPF 30 on hand. It’s good when I’m in a hurry because it’s so easy to apply. The bonus is that the oil makes my skin look golden and gorgeous.


Sun Body Oil SPF 30 is my favourite summer product. It’s a light oil that gives the skin a pretty glow and lots of moisture, but it penetrates quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. That’s important! The oil is ideal for the morning if you’re in a rush – I usually spray it all over the body and allow it to dry. But I don’t use the oil in my face – I always stick to my Sun Face Cream SPF 30, which replaces my face cream during the summer months.


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