Things I’m looking forward to in April

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph"I love living in a country and a part of the world where the seasons change. April is right in the middle of my favourite season: Spring. There’s so much to look forward to and it may sound a little weird, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the first anemone. 

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the country and followed the seasons in our beautiful garden, and perhaps it’s because in my first years of school I had the world’s best teacher who, in addition to teaching us to read and write, also taught us the names of everything that grows in a ditch and a wild garden. If you were the first to present her with a snowdrop, an eranthis, an anemone, a coltsfoot or some lilacs, you always got a nice sticker for your notebook. I loved it and I especially adore the anemone. The whole forest floor on the farm where I grew up was covered with them."

Ting, jeg glæder mig til i april - Andrea Rudolph"I’m also looking orward to taking a trip to Amsterdam. There’s actually two things I’ll be doing in Amsterdam that I’m really excited about. The first is that I’m going to a Raw Materials and Ingredients trade show. Over the year, many different trade shows are held for our industry and we attend them to keep up with what’s new, what’s being developed and what’s happening in the beauty industry. After all, there are countless ingredients, qualities and new opportunities being developed all the time. The trade shows also present a wide variety of ingredients that we could never use in Rudolph Care products, because we adhere to such high standards in terms of documentation and safety. But I still think it’s incredibly inspiring and I love “pushing” our suppliers and asking for things that we need and which don’t yet exist. Making our needs known and challenging the development of ingredients."

Mommy & Me - Andrea og Alfred"Another amazing thing I’m excited about in Amsterdam is taking part in this year’s Award show for Allergy Certified. We’ve been nominated for our mother and baby product Mommy and Me. The balm can be used by the mum-to-be for the abdominal area and breasts, for sore nipples during breastfeeding, but also for anything that the baby might need – diaper rash, dry cheeks or just for a lovely massage. In addition to being certified organic and carrying the Nordic Ecolabel, Mommy and Me also boasts the Asthma-Allergy certification and the international allergy certification AllergyCertified. We have been nominated before (for our Lip Balm Kit), but have never won. So maybe it’s our turn this year. And if not, I’m actually really happy ”just” to have been nominated. The most important thing in reality is all your wonderfully sweet, lovely experiences and your feedback on the product."

"It feels as though we are swimming in a totally unreal shoal of nominations and award events (if I’m asleep and dreaming, please don’t wake me, because it’s absolutely amazing!). Last month, our self-tanning drops A Hint of Summer won a distinguished award in Norway as “Green Product of the Year” and now A Hint of Summer is also up for another award, nominated for “Danish Product of the Year” in this year’s Danish Beauty Award, to be held in April. Danish Beauty Award is the Danish beauty industry’s major awards event and it’s always a huge experience. This year it will be especially exciting since we’ve been nominated twice. Our gorgeous fragrance oil, Signature Notes Huile de Parfum, has also been honoured with a nomination as “Niche Fragrance of the Year” along with many other fine fragrances."

Signature Notes is my pride and joy, because it is entirely unique. It’s been our signature fragrance for a little over 9 years, and now has its own life and is the first fragrance in the world to attain a Nordic Ecolabel certification. I really want us to win, but I’m also incredibly proud of “just” being nominated because I know how many amazing, skilled and popular competitors and colleagues we’re up against. Most of all, I’m insanely excited about an evening out with my Rudolph ladies. The whole team will be going to the awards and enjoying the afternoon and a dinner out, and of course we’ll be dolling ourselves up and sipping a glass of champagne or two."

"Spring and April is also the time of confirmations, and I’m so happy to have been invited to the confirmation of the daughter of our good friends, Rebecca. It’s such a special privilege to be allowed to follow our friends’ children from childhood to youth and the beginning of their adult lives. It’s a gift that I really value, and which I really find a lot of joy in. And I adore confirmation parties, because I grew up with a tradition of celebrating these events across the generations. I hope we’ll keep that tradition in our family so that in future our kids will also think it’s fun to celebrate together."

Love, Andrea ♥

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