Things I’m looking forward to in July

I’m so looking forward to enjoying the summer house. We’ve got a team of super-cool craftspeople working away right now, and the plan is that they’ll be finished by the first of July.

We’ve chosen antique Spanish tiles for the flooring, and I’m really looking forward to walking around in bare feet. We’ve given them a really good going-over with soap flakes so they’re very soft to walk on, and I love the unique dryness and warmth of this material. Even though we’ve put a lot of focus on sourcing recycled materials – the old tile flooring, new-old windows, a recycled kitchen – we’ve also managed to sneak in some luxurious touches. Including floor heating in the kitchen, which will only be needed after the summer, and also a dishwasher. It’s going to be amazing. There’s always something cosy about washing up by hand together, but with five kids and all the guests we have, it’ll also be nice to have time this year for something other than washing up.

In July it’s Isolde’s and my turn to have a birthday, and I’m looking forward to celebrating them. Last year, when I turned 40, I had the most incredible time. There was a lovely reception at the office the day before, and on the actual day I was surprised by family and friends with breakfast – and dinner in the evening. It was very touching and wonderful, and I hadn’t planned anything myself. I’m usually involved in planning, and it’s something I actually enjoy. The last couple of years I’ve held a girls’ dinner for a bunch of my friends at the summer house. Not everyone knew each other and the only connection was me, but there was great chemistry between people. That made me so happy. I really love entertaining guests and giving them an experience, making it cosy, cooking delicious food, and this year I’ve decided to hold this kind of dinner again.  

It will not be a 100 percent holiday for me this July, because we’re going to be taking some beautiful pictures for a new product coming out this autumn. This is going to be a whole new product category for us. It’s with a real sense of honour that we’re doing this, and I’m very excited about it. It’s a product that has been on the drawing board for years, and now all the secrecy is almost over. The superb photographer Signe Vilstrup will be responsible for the images. She works on a lot of major campaigns out in the world, so it’s guaranteed to be good. I think Signe is so adept at capturing sensuality and femininity in her work. She’s making art. So if you like great pictures, you should follow her Instagram profile. It’s going to be the kind of day where taking pictures is insanely fun. We’ve put together a good team – makeup, hair, styling, lighting and location – and the feeling that everybody works intensively to create three images is very strong. It will be so exciting and I’m looking forward to it.

One thing I look forward to every summer is swimming in the sea every day. I think it’s the combination of a bit of alone-time and the feeling of the body in the water that I love. Before I had young children, I could drive to the sea whenever the mood hit, but there’s just no time for it now. Especially not when I’m breastfeeding in the mornings. But when we’re at the summer house, it only takes five minutes to walk down to the water. I prefer to do it alone before the rest of the house wakes up. The dawn there is so wonderful. The quiet, crisp atmosphere, the sea, the calmness. I swim at the same place every day and it’s almost become a ritual for me. First, I make coffee that I bring down to the water, with a robe and towel over my shoulder. Often there is sun early in the morning, and I just get so much energy from it. I actually become a better person for the rest of the day if I’ve been swimming in the morning. If I have time for more than just a dip, I’ll bring my surfboard along and paddle out to sea.

I haven’t been particularly social for the last couple of months and that doesn’t suit me at all. I love being surrounded by people, as much as I love my time off, and summer is usually filled with occasions to see a lot of people. We have many friends in the countryside and have several regular traditions to get together. We see some of these people all the time in the summer, and never during the rest of the year, even though we live close to each other in the city.
We meet up in a garden to enjoy some food while all the kids run and play together, and everyone brings whatever they have in the kitchen. It just makes me happy and it’s really nice. I think it’s the impromptu aspect and the time to just let things happen that makes it so wonderful. This year we’ll also have a playhouse and a sandbox, so the kids can also enjoy themselves in the garden.

Ah, summer living!


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