Things I’m looking forward to in October

Naturally, I’m really looking forward to the launch of Signature Notes. It’s going to be amazing.

Our preparations have been going on for such a long time – in terms of development, but also strategy, communications, campaign images, packaging choices and so much more. There are always a lot of things that must be considered before we can introduce a new product, but when we’re launching a brand-new category as we are doing now, there’s even more to take into account. So the fragrance launch is just a bit more exciting than usual and we feel that it’s such an honour.

Fragrance is a very individual thing, and what I think smells wonderful and which gives me associations to things that I love can be totally different for someone else. Signature Notes is based on the fragrance that has accompanied Rudolph Care from the very beginning, but now in a different form. It’s a private fragrance and must be encountered at close range – and that’s entirely intentional.

On a personal note, I’m also looking forward to wearing perfume again. I completely stopped when I was expecting Isolde, and I also removed fragrance from my everyday life – from detergent, cleaning agents and so on. But I’ve always loved fragrances and have saved the many beautiful perfume bottles I’ve purchased over the years. They tell a story about me and the special times in my life – even though I no longer wear the fragrances. They represent a sort of journal for me, and now a new and special chapter is about to begin.

If you are in Copenhagen on Monday, come say hello to us in Magasin on Kongens Nytorv. I’ll be there from 4 PM onward. I’m looking forward to it.


I’m also looking forward to enjoying the gorgeous autumn month of October. I’m going to savour the last month before the Christmas season gets underway. Okay, it’s not like I’m getting out the Christmas ornaments, but the world we now live in has decided that Christmas begins as early as the end of October. For my family, October means autumn school holidays and Halloween, and especially Isolde and I get into it. Halloween is really our thing.

I loved Shrovetide when I was a child, and I’m actually a bit miffed that we didn’t also get to have Halloween, so now I’m getting my revenge. Next year, when I no longer have a baby at my bosom, I’ll be holding a Halloween party for our friends. The adults. It’s just so fun – and a little bit sexy.

We haven’t yet decided on Isolde’s look, but we’re making the costume together and I’m going to be doing her makeup. The kids all think that it’s fun and they adore trick or treating – and I love it just as much.

The days are slowly getting shorter and temperatures are becoming colder, and that means that it’s time for soups and cakes. I think it’s the need for cosiness making itself known. I rarely use recipes and usually just knock something together. I really like soups with good consistency and texture – a nice “peasant” soup, which is a clear soup with pieces of cabbage, potatoes and beef, or a sunchoke soup – I love it. Especially when it’s made with Claus Meyer’s garnish tips: Finely chopped, raw sunchokes tossed with apple cider vinegar, chives and crispy bacon or prosciutto. It’s so good.

And I’m just going to try baking brunsviger (A Danish pastry – ed.) again. It went totally wrong for Alfred’s birthday, when the plan was to create a huge, moist man-shaped brunsviger cake. But the dough had almost turned into a biscuit when it came out of the oven.


økologisk bæredygtig baby balm fra rudolph care

This isn’t something that I’m actually looking forward to, but Arthur is going to be vaccinated in October, and I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to vaccinate and protect our children. I think it’s important and, after all, there is a reason that we no longer succumb to the diseases that children unfortunately still die from in developing countries.

I’m aware that vaccines are an issue that can really stir up a debate, and people must do what they see fit, but I really think that vaccination is an important thing to do. We enjoy a different level of public health here in Denmark than in many other parts of the world, and it’s something that has developed over the course of many years. The world is moving together in a different way today, and we are taking in people from all over the globe. That’s why I think that it’s gambling with public health – which we also pass on to others – when people choose not to vaccinate their children. It’s a sensitive debate, but I can only say that I vaccinate my children because I think that it’s important. Not just for my own children, but for all of us as a society.


Love, Andrea 




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