Things I’m looking forward to in September

hygge omkring bålet rudolph care hudpleje

økologisk hudpleje til efteråret

autumn coziness

I’m really looking forward to not having any weather expectations. Not because there’s that much to say about the weather – we can’t do anything about it and it’s been... okay. We did get some sunshine and because we’ve been at the summer cottage, we’ve been able to get indoors quickly if the weather started to act up. Having said that, I’ve waited in vain for those sunny days and it never really did get hot, so I’m looking forward to September when I’ll sit at our new campfire wearing rubber boots and a sweater feeling that it’s absolutely perfect – because now it’s September. And then that’ll be the last word on the weather.


rudolph care in norge 

In September, I’ll be gearing up at work and I’m looking forward to preparing for a wider-scale launch in Norway. We’ve entered into an agreement with a major distributor in Norway, and it’s a big deal both for me and the brand. Rudolph Care has actually been in Norway as long as it’s been in Denmark, since 2009, but only in a small number of exclusive shops. Places that have helped to raise awareness about Rudolph Care, and I’m so grateful that they stocked our products. Now we’re ready for the next step and a fairly big expansion with a large company in Norway. So I’m looking forward to putting the finishing touches on internal company things for the launch in October. Actually, I always look forward to visiting Norway. I love the Norwegians who I know, and I become happy just from hearing the language. So I’m also looking forward to getting to know the language better, to know the country better, and generally to spend much more time up there. Heya Norway!


økologisk og bæredygtig hudpleje til mor og baby

rudolph care luksus hudpleje til kvinder og mænd

2 x birthday

In September, Alfred and Claus will have their birthdays and I’m looking forward to celebrating both of them. In our family, summer is filled with birthdays – more than six of us celebrate birthdays in June and July – so we get together many times for song and cake during the summer. Alfred has been involved in so many celebrations now that he’s caught onto the concept. If we say “birthday”, he spontaneously shouts “hurrah” and then sings a lyric about cake from the Danish birthday song – the only part he knows. He’s going to understand when it’s his birthday this year and it will be fun to see.

I’m also looking forward to celebrating my husband – it’s his birthday in late September and he’s in need of some uninterrupted love. We have a pretty wild love story, and in the five years we’ve known each other, we’ve had two children, Claus has moved to Copenhagen, and we’ve bought an apartment together – so things have been fast-paced. Especially because we’ve had two children within a year and a half, we could use some tranquillity. I also think he’s taken care of me more than I’ve looked after him, and not that he complains, but I think he deserves something special now. And a birthday is a good occasion to do something about it – but I can’t tell you what because he’s going to read this.


all about love 

Claus and I are going on a lovers’ trip. We are almost done with building the summer cottage, and now we’re simply going to have a week’s holiday. Well, the two toddlers are joining us, but that’s a piece of cake with the two of them. The older kids have already been on sunny trips with their other parents and have topped up their vitamin D accounts. So now it’s our turn to give our bodies some sun and warmth. We’re going to enjoy being together and not having to toil with daily chores and all the practicalities. We need to fill up our tank with enjoyment and make the summer last a little longer.

grundlægger af rudolph care andrea elisabeth rudolph laver yoga

serious yoga and time for me

In September, I will start my project of strengthening my body, and I have just made an appointment for ten yoga sessions with private instruction by Malene Bak, whom I know. She makes some pretty cool short yoga programs that you can download and do at home whenever they fit your program. I have the programs, but they are too hard compared to what my body and especially my stomach can put up with right now. So, Malene will teach me slow yoga, which hasn’t appealed to me before, because I prefer to break sweat, but now I’ve discovered that it can actually be as tough as doing fast yoga. I have booked an hour and a half per week at a fixed time. It’s going to be good and I’m looking forward to being fully guided in the positions because I really need to connect with my body again. In addition, I regularly have acupuncture, and just the fact that I must remain still for an hour with the needles is cool. But also, the bike ride back and forth – completely on my own – is freedom. Two twenty-minute rides of freedom. That’s good.


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