Tips for hostess gifts - and a word about packaging

It’s always a delight to be surprised with a small gift when you’ve invited people round. And it’s especially nice to get gifts when you are least expecting it. The definition of a good gift depends on the host or hostess, but flowers are always decorative, and chocolate and red wine are always welcome in a pantry, just as a beauty pampering treat never disappoints.

Andrea is always even happier when her friends choose something for her on their travels abroad, or find an item in a flea market that they simply must buy because ‘Andrea’ is written all over it. Often, these gifts are related to peacocks or peacock feathers, for which Andrea has a special affection.

Once in a while (and always for Christmas) Rudolph Care features gift boxes with a selection of products. The boxes make excellent gifts, but they are also a wonderful opportunity to sample several products at once. This year is no exception. There are two lovely boxes to choose between and they are available from week 42. They’re perfect as hostess gifts, Christmas gifts, or as a gift to yourself. 


At Rudolph Care, we actually think packaging is a bit tiresome. After all, it ends up as garbage, but because of Rudolph Care’s numerous certifications, and their requirements for clear and transparent content declarations, it’s not always possible to avoid using packaging. That’s why we try to make the packaging as appealing and reusable as possible. Our boxes can be used in a multitude of ways. For example, the light pink tube with the gold logo that holds Body Balm makes a perfect holder for cotton rounds, your hair elastics, or even knitting needles, and the flat Christmas boxes can hold anything from old love letters to receipts or jewellery.


Acai Body Balm Limited Edition

850 ml
995,00 kr.
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Acai Body Balm

145 ml
425,00 kr.
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Acai Body Balm

Acai Body Balm UK

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