Travel tips from a pro

Which three trips have been your best experiences?

There are so many! But here are some highlights…


My boyfriend has turned me into a Japan addict. We’ve travelled there twice now, and I can’t return quickly enough (despite getting food poisoning the first time, and my boyfriend getting it last time). In contrast to many of the other places I visit, such as New York, London and Paris, Japan is extremely different. I love the combination of the highly traditional and the ultramodern. We’re already planning another trip for this autumn.

New York & The Hamptons

Last summer I spent three weeks in New York with my boyfriend, and we stayed with a friend of mine. At weekends we went to their summer house in The Hamptons. It was so cool to feel that you lived there, and just to enjoy the city without running around and trying to see everything. Another fun thing is that you can’t park at many of the beaches in The Hamptons unless you have a permit, and you can only get one if you are a resident. This gives the beaches a very private feel. We also stayed overnight at The Surf Lodge – a really cool place!

The standout experience

I’ve had a lot of fantastic travel experiences through my work, but one of the most amazing was being invited to attend the Golden Globes in Hollywood last year. Brad, Ryan, Leo – they were all there! But the best part was all of the after parties...


Latteart a la Japan


Is there a city that you return to again and again?

Paris is very magical, it really has a certain something. I’ve been fortunate in that I visit Paris for fashion week, and I never tire of it. One of my favourite hotels is Le Grand Pigalle, I always drop by Le Bon Marché to shop, and I adore eating at Frenchie – both the restaurant and the wine bar.


Which destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I really want to go to Australia! It looks so amazing. It does require a rather long vacation ... but it’ll happen one day.

What do you always have in your hand baggage?

I ALWAYS travel with hand sanitiser, preferably from Aesop, for a luxurious touch. If I’m taking a longer trip I also bring Rudolph Care Hand Cream and Facial Mist, and Tromborg’s Lip Cure. I haven’t yet used a facial mask on the plane, but it’s probably going to happen soon. If I’m going to a beach destination, I always take a bikini in my hand baggage. My suitcase was lost on the way to Mallorca once, and I had to hunt down a bikini when every shop was closed. I’ve learned my lesson now!


Your best travel hint?

Plan! I always research where the good places are so I know which direction to take…

Get more hints, tips and tricks for your next travel adventure – or fabulous inspiration for your wish list – on NeverNotGoing. You’ll also find Josephine’s guides to Japan, New York and other travel hotspots.


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Tips for travelling with a baby

Duvet cover I always bring extra duvet covers and use them without the duvet as wraps or as hanging...

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