Want to live a little more sustainably?

Rudolph Care itself is the result of a desire to live more sustainably. The Greenpeace test I did in 2006, which showed my blood was filled with harmful chemicals, caused me to radically restructure my consumption habits.

It may seem like a truly insurmountable project to try to live sustainably, and it’s easy to get the idea that it doesn’t make any difference to the big picture if I do something. But I don’t think that’s the way we should look at it. All that I can control and manage, I want to manage myself.

So I started looking at my consumption. What I bought and used in daily life. Focusing on organics has always been a priority in relation to what I eat, but otherwise it wasn’t something I thought very much about. But that changed after the test. I started thinking about choosing more environmentally and buying more environmentally-friendly products, and I used the Nordic Ecolabel as a benchmark. You can’t change everything, but if you have the option to choose a less stressful or harmful alternative, then I think it’s an obvious place to start.

For example, such as choosing Nordic Ecolabel certified paint when you’re painting your walls, so you know that at least your home is not exposed to harmful substances. If we all rode our bikes a bit more often than taking the car, if we all used cleaning products and toilet paper and skincare products that could actually biodegrade and not accumulate in nature and in us – then yes, tomorrow we’d be living in a different world.

start with you

As individuals, we need to start somewhere, and the easiest place to start is to buy environmentally friendly alternatives to the products we use. That’s my strategy anyway, and that’s how I started to change my consumption habits. That way, I think I take responsibility for myself and my own health – and for the environment, and I try to do that every time I have the opportunity to choose sustainable alternatives.

Aim to inspire others

I also choose to talk about it – like now – in the hope that I can hopefully inspire others. Because the more we do, the more it benefits us, but it also benefits the community and the future. I really try to inspire others, but I try to do it without being holier-than-thou. Because I’m really not. I’m not fanatical about it, but anything I can do without it subtracting from the “luxury column”, I do. But I refuse to compromise – the things I’m replacing must stand up to what I’m used to in terms of quality. That’s why I created Rudolph Care. I simply could not find skincare that was as luxurious as what I used to use, but which was also safe.                                                                                        

Find out more about the survey, which countries overconsume the most (Denmark is situated at an unattractive number 18) and what can be done about it, and learn a few tips and tricks on living green and sustainably here!

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