Wedding beauty


Start with a scrub

Beautiful skin is supple skin, so don’t hold back with your Body Scrub in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. You’ll get the best results if you exfoliate warm yet not too wet skin. If you upgrade the shower scrubbing session with a hemp glove, your skin will love you all the more. It’s the combination of a boost in circulation and the nourishing oils in the Body Scrub that will take your skin to seventh heaven.


Maximize your moisture

You should moisturise the skin after every shower. Use Body Lotion if you like long-lasting moisture or choose Body Oil if you’re in a hurry and want to move on quickly. A clever trick is to apply oil to your skin right after you turn off the tap – the oil applies quickly and easily on damp skin, and it penetrates instantly. Neither you nor the towel you dry off with will feel greasy afterward. Naturally you can also use both moisture magnets – first cream, then oil – for the ultimate in moisture maximizing. Or you can try the luxurious Body Balm – it softens everything!


Build your tan

Self-tanner can be nice to have in your beauty toolkit if you haven’t managed to get some natural colour. Begin three or four days before the event and build your colour gradually and safely. Your scrupulous scrubbing sessions have prepped your skin to absorb the natural colour, and since you’re already slathering your body (and face) in cream or oil, simply add a couple of drops of A Hint of Summer and apply thoroughly. Enlist a helping hand for your back (also for the scrub – it’s lovely!) and for heaven’s sake, remember to wash your hands well after use. Ibiza-brown palms are not what you want here.


Beautify with balm

If your dry heels need a little love, try slathering them in Body Balm. Smearing your feet with cream and topping with sexy cotton socks for an overnight treatment is an old trick, but it really works. But yes, it’s not exactly glamorous. This beauty trick works best if you also use your foot file on a regular basis after your shower or maybe even a footbath.

Your hands and cuticles will love a massage with generous quantities of balm while you relax with an episode of Big Little Lies, just like an overnight treatment with balm works as a refining moisture mask.


Give your face some glow

Just like the body, your face can really benefit from radiance-revealing exfoliation. Facial Scrub Mask both exfoliates and moisturizes – especially if you allow the mask to stay on the skin for a little while. Andrea loves to leave her mask on for 30 minutes so the skin can really soak up all the moisture it needs.

Apply the mask on the big day to get the ultimate in glowing, super-hydrated skin. Top with Anti-ageing Serum to create the very best base for gorgeous long-lasting makeup.


Soothe with shimmer

After Sun Shimmer Sorbet may have been developed to cool and soothe sun-warmed summer skin, but it’s also fantastic for highlighting bare arms, legs, back and décolleté with a very subtle shimmer effect. The shimmer dust in the light gel creme is very fine, so there’s no risk of looking like a disco ball. Your skin will simply look vibrant and gorgeous. Yes please.


Glisten with golden glamour

If you prefer a deeper golden glow, try Golden Kiss Body Oil. The gold particles are slightly larger and will catch the light more intensely. You can apply the oil to the skin as the last step in your beauty ritual, and you can also use it as part of your makeup. Try dabbing a little Golden Kiss on your eyelids, or use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, under the arches of your brows and on your upper lip. It’s subtle, but gorgeous.

Once in a while the good Morten Kongsbak give Andrea a helping hand with the makeup.

Andrea's beauty hacks


Oil over makeup

Put the finishing touch on your face by gently dabbing warmed Facial Oil on top of your makeup. You don’t need to use much, but the oil will help your makeup set, eliminate a powdery appearance, and make your skin look radiant and vibrant. Warm a few drops in the palms of your hands and pat them very lightly across your face and throat.


Sun cream for the hair

The new sun products with shimmer aren’t just superb for the skin, they can also work wonders in the hair. After you apply the products to your body, don’t let any residue on your hands go to waste. Carefully run your hands over your hair and massage a bit extra into the ends. This will give your hair some hold as well as a lovely sheen when the sun hits.


Lip balm for the brows

If your brows need taming, a small dab of Lip Balm may be a good solution. It keeps brows in place without making the brow hairs stiff. Apply with a finger, perhaps right after applying the softening Lip Balm to your lips. If you have dark eyelashes, blink lightly a few times across a finger with balm residue. The Lip Balm is applied only to the lash tips, but the colour of your lashes will look darker and gorgeously glossy.


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