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A new, light and nourishing facial oil from Rudolph Care.

Rudolph Care’s delight duo is now a gorgeously light trio. Say hi to Facial Oil Delight

Facial Oil Delight is the shortcut to the spring glow your are dreaming of: a new, ultralight facial oil that melts into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. It adds moisture, nourishment and elasticity, enhancing the feeling of silky soft skin – with a healthy, radiant glow.


Facial Oil Delight contains a special combination of organic oils. Broccoli oil that effectively penetrates the skin, leaving it with a lustrous glow from erucic acid. Avocado oil cares for dry and dehydrated skin, making it soft and supple. Sesame oil has a cleansing and harmonizing effect. Apricot seed oil strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity – and our heart ingredient, acai oil, replenishes the skin with revitalizing antioxidants.



Facial Oil Delight is also rich in active ingredients as saltwort extract that optimizes the skin’s natural ability to hold moisture, while repairing the upper skin layer. And seaweed extract that strengthens the natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, protecting the skin from dehydration. It awakens your senses with Rudolph Care’s delicate signature fragrance and fresh, natural hints from the green ingredients. 

This facial oil does good, just like the rest of our products, as we take conscious and sustainable responsibility for both body and environment with the certifications COSMOS Organic and The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Facial Oil Delight is of course also free from the 26 allergenic perfumes that the EU recommends avoiding.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph on Facial Oil Delight: 

”I’ve been missing a lighter facial oil for the sunny and warm months. An oil that feels light and delicate and lets the skin breathe freely. A feeling of intense moisture rather than richness, while still providing plenty of suppleness and glow. This is what Facial Oil Delight gives me. I use it in my morning routine, where the oil gives me a fresh radiance so I’ll need less products and makeup afterwards. On the days where my skin craves more glow, I mix it with A Hint of Summer – and follow up with my Sun Face Cream. This is my way to well-protected, energized and moisturized skin.”

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