What I’m learning and becoming better at

Long-term planning

Lately it’s become very evident to me that I need to become even better at planning and thinking about the future. I’m surrounded by people who have an annoyingly good command of their calendars, future vacations and who remember to send invitations out in good time for various special occasions.

It may sound a bit dramatic, but it can actually feel somewhat like being taken hostage by other people’s invitations when they’re sent out so many months in advance. It’s not because I don’t want to go, but it’s hard to say no when your calendar is completely blank.

So if we as a family want to do things when we want to rather than working around all the fun events we’re invited to, I’m going to have to start planning. And because we are a blended family, we need things to work. It’s funny, because I’m really good at this in my working life, but not in my private life. Planning is necessary, so I’m doing what I can to get a better handle on it.


Meal plans

Yes, it’s come to this. Meal plans – which I hate – have become something I just have to implement! I simply have no choice because I’m home alone with the kids so many evenings.

Alfred really wants to help with the cooking, and he’s not the kind of kid that you set in front of an iPad to gain 15 minutes of efficient food preparation. He simply cannot sit still. I think it’s nice that he wants to be involved in the kitchen, but this can be dangerous if I’m not paying constant attention. Most accidents in the home happen in the kitchen, and if the baby cries while Alfred is at the stove, there could be trouble. So I have to become the type who has 4-5 dishes in the freezer so we don’t need to get takeaway on evenings when time might be a little tight.

And I also need to learn how to plan my shopping more efficiently. I love shopping in the small delis in Frederiksberg and getting inspired based on what’s in season or what I feel like eating. But that doesn’t cut it anymore.

The plan is to take one scheduled day per month where I’ll create an overview – who’s at home and when – and then order food for the whole week on Nemlig.com or Irma.dk. Then I can pick up the special food items I need to supplement the meal plan. I intend to get out my Meyer’s Almanac cookbook and find some good classic recipes I can batch-cook and have ready in the freezer.


Get to bed!

I have to become better at going to bed earlier. How do people do it?

My youngest goes to bed between 9:30-10 PM these days, and that means that it’s 11 PM – or quite often even later – before I’m between the sheets. When the house is finally quiet and I can get a few minutes to myself, I take them. I have to. I need to. But when I also have to wake up a few times during the night to nurse the baby, I’m getting far too little sleep. I don’t know how people do it, but I know I have to become better at getting more sleep.

Doing what I can

When you have high energy levels and ambitions like I do, it can be challenging to not be able to do more than the absolute essentials. The kids are all dressed and look presentable. The house is fairly tidy, the laundry hamper is empty, and everyone is fed and happy. Right now we’re not accomplishing more than that, and I’m learning how to be cool with it.

But it’s actually kind of hard. I’m not happy when the place is untidy. It creates anxiety. I’m visually orientated and when I see a lot of things around me that aren’t orderly, I can’t be calm until I’ve taken care of the situation. It’s quite irritating, and I don’t know how to be indifferent to it. Right now I’m just trying to keep up, take care of the essentials and transform the situation into something positive. Maybe it’s healthy, doing just this much and no more, and maybe it’s good to challenge your patience level, too.


The Abs Project

The final thing I’m working with lately is my abdominal muscles. They’ve just been through two pregnancies in a row and they’re a bit tired, to say the least. My abdominal muscles have separated – it’s called diastasis recti – and they require a certain kind of exercise therapy in order to make sure that they don’t become worse. So I’m training myself to remember my special abdominal belt and to do the very gentle daily exercises. But I’ll tell you more about that at another time.


I believe that it’s important to learn new things throughout your entire life. That’s how we develop as human beings. The feeling of mastering something new is greatly rewarding.

Love, Andrea 


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