Worth knowing about natural fragrances

Naturlig parfume i Rudolph Care

Once in a while we get inquiries from customers asking why Rudolph Care products contain fragrance when the collection is otherwise so organic and sustainable. Actually, our choice to put fragrance in our products is a deliberate one. We use fragrance in amounts permitted by the Nordic Ecolabel, because we think that a refined, delicate scent is part of the overall sense of luxury that a Rudolph Care product should provide.

Of course, we only use natural fragrances made of natural ingredients with absolutely no synthetic ingredients allowed. Conventional fragrance is made from synthetic ingredients. That can mean that a synthetic fragrance with a rose scent has never been in the vicinity of an actual rose. The only clear advantage here is that, in the production of synthetic fragrances, the maker has 100 percent control over all substances and therefore knows every ingredient in the finished product. But the production process and chemistry are very often incompatible with the methods approved for making organic products.

Naturlig parfume i Rudolph Care

That’s why we instead use natural fragrances that actually smell like vanilla, for example, because the product contains an extract of real vanilla. The natural fragrance we use is free of the 26 listed fragrance allergens that the Environment Agency and European Union recommend to avoid, just as we do not use essential oils, which are natural fragrant plant oils, as these can also be allergenic. So we’re doing our best to ensure that the fragrances we use in our products are safe for you and your body.

The use of fragrance, however, means that the products cannot be certified with an allergy certification. That’s because AllergyCertified and Asthma and Allergy Denmark certifications are only issued to products that are 100% fragrance-free, and even natural fragrances not containing the 26 listed allergens can cause allergic reactions in some people. 

Svanemærket, Cosmos, Astma-Allergi Danmark, Allergy Certified


Fragrance-free products
In principle, any ingredient in a skin care product can be allergenic, but some ingredients lead to allergic reactions more frequently. Our products designed for children are extra mild and therefore our Lip Balm Kit, Mommy & Me and Rudolph Sun Kids creams all carry the AllergyCertified certification. This means that there are no known allergens or allergenic preservatives in the products. And the products are also 100% fragrance-free so you can protect your children’s delicate skin with a good conscience – and without compromising on quality.

Mommy & Me, developed for pregnant bellies and delicate baby skin, is also the first Rudolph Care product to be certified with Asthma and Allergy Denmark. It’s a certification that imposes strict requirements that substances that frequently cause allergies to a wide range of people are not found in the certified product.


Mommy & Me er parfumefri

The skin prick test
But if you’re unlucky and do break out after using one of our products, we always offer assistance in taking a skin prick test with your doctor or dermatologist. What happens is that you book an appointment and we make sure that your doctor receives a list of all of the product’s ingredients prior to the appointment. You can learn a lot about your skin and what you react to, and thus what ingredients you should avoid in future.

Did you know?
All Rudolph Care products carry the Swan label, which is the official Nordic Ecolabel. The purpose of the Nordic Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental impact of consumption, and certification sets stringent requirements on products which, among other things, must be completely free from hormone-disrupting preservatives, parabens and microplastics. This benefits both the environment and your health.

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