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“Rudolph Care is designed, developed and produced in collaboration with a team of the most highly skilled Danish experts, and I am enormously proud of the fact that everything is made in Denmark – because of the expertise itself, but also for the jobs it creates. We can follow the process closely and this enables us to ensure that our products are made under the best possible conditions. And I simply love the incredible attention to detail – even the coloured bands are tied by hand and with total precision.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph 



Every Rudolph Care product is designed, developed and produced in Denmark, so Made in Denmark is more than just a nice-sounding slogan. Only a percentage of the ingredients are sourced from around the world – and we’re talking far and wide here. The acai berry, essential to the Rudolph Care collection, is sourced from local farmers who live in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest (find out more here).

Every single Rudolph Care product begins as an idea or a desire in the mind of Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. Next up is product development, where the idea is shaped and refined before being presented to the laboratory in Jutland, Denmark. This is where the chemists work – the men and women who crack the code of high efficacy, perfect consistency, fragrance and luxurious finish that characterise all Rudolph Care products. And this process can be a long journey, because Andrea is only satisfied when the product has been tested and adjusted until it is utterly perfect.

The manufacturing facility is also located in Jutland, and this is where the approved formulations are created and packaged in glass containers and ecolabeled plastic bottles. Each serum, eye cream, body lotion, balm – you name it – is then placed in the distinctive pink Rudolph Care boxes and lovingly wrapped with a colored band. Every step, all by hand. 


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is Danish (in a unique combination with the French COSMOS, Ecocert – find out more here). In fact, all Rudolph Care products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is your absolute assurance that your Rudolph Care product is among the least environmentally hazardous products within its category and that it fulfils environmental, health and quality requirements. 

Rudolph Care represents Danish expertise from start to finish. It proves that efficacy, organic quality and luxury are all things we don’t need to travel far and wide for. They can all be found right here in Denmark.



Herbal Mint Shampoo

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Blossom Shampoo

240 ml
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