In Rudolph Care we care deeply for the contents of our tubes, bottles and jars, though we care just as much for what surrounds the creams, oils and soaps. No matter if it’s glass, plastic or cardboard. The packaging is in fact much more than just a container – and with that we mean that it must be safe, not pass on any harmful chemicals to its contents and easy to handle when empty. In that sense, we also feel extremely committed to only distribute packaging that is 100% recyclable – once it’s correctly handled, that is. 

Når din emballage er tømt gør du naturen og dig selv en tjeneste, hvis du affaldssorterer den korrekt - vi guider til hvordan du kan gøre netop det med din Rudolph Care emballage

Your safety is our pride

We’re proud of our certifications, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel & COSMOS. And we’re proud of our ability to meet their requirements. Including the packaging requirements that demand that no harm will be done to neither you nor the environment – as well as a demand for no unnecessary packaging. 

So, our certifications take a stand in terms of both your and nature’s wellbeing – and they’re your guarantee that the products, both content and packaging, put as little strain on the environment as possible without any harmful chemicals. 


Clean plastic, glass and recycled cardboard

While some materials are very easily pointed to as ‘the bad guy’, at Rudolph Care we believe in using clean, safe materials while continuously encouraging correct waste sorting. Plastic can in many cases be the most sustainable alternative. And therefore we use plastic packaging in our lines. The most important thing about plastic though (and many other materials) is that it doesn’t end up in nature nor in the oceans where it won’t decompose. 

All Rudolph Care products carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official Nordic ecolabel, that besides demanding safe content also demands safe packaging. When discussing plastic, this means that we use nothing but clean types of plastic (PE, PP, PET) that are 100% recyclable when they’re waste sorted correctly. 

So, we use nothing but clean, recyclable plastic for our packaging which ensures that no harmful chemicals will end up inside the product or in the environment once it’s washed off your body. 

If you find more than one layer of packaging on a Rudolph Care product (for example if a flask is packed inside a cardboard box), you can be sure that one of these layers consist of a minimum of 80% recycled material in order to meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s requirements. At Rudolph Care we take pride in always doing our very best and we never settle for ‘good enough’ – therefore our cardboard boxes are made from 100% recycled material. 

We use glass for some of our packaging and even though glass consumes more energy in the production process than plastic, it compensates on other parameters by being very easy to recycle.


How to waste sort your packaging

Waste sorting is substantial and significant because it’s the only way to fully exploit and give new life to the resources that still hide in our waste; including used packaging. Because they can, when sorted correctly, be transformed into new energy, new packaging and other products. In that way our consumption can become more circular as we throw less things out and recycle as much as possible. 

Rudolph Care’s packaging consist of cardboard, plastic and glass and therefore it’s in these three categories you must place your focus. Some products have packaging that consist of plastic only, while others are a combination of plastic and glass. These materials you must separate and sort in their respective categories. We aim to use nothing but easily separable packaging that’s easy to sort – just like the Nordic Swan Ecolabel demands. 

Depending on where you live in the world, your waste sorting facilities will vary. Some can sort directly from their front door, while others must go to nearby waste handling stations. No matter how you’re able to sort your waste and your empty Rudolph Care packaging, we hope that you’ll take good care of it. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to take good and responsible care of the materials, and we hope that you’ll join in on our philosophy and handle the Rudolph Care packaging with care. 


The future in packaging

We’re proud of our sustainable solutions and still feel a great sense of responsibility towards limiting our strain on the environment as much as we possibly can. If you’ve used Rudolph Care for several years, you might have noticed that we’ve changed our packaging solutions as we’ve found better and better alternatives. 

Though, this doesn’t change the fact that packaging is STILL a challenge and something we acknowledge actively on behalf of the entire industry. Instead of resting on our laurels we never quit at ‘good enough’, as we continuously thrive for ‘even better’. We constantly evaluate and challenge our current packaging solutions and expand our horizon by staying curios and open to new possibilities that can make us even better in terms of deliberate, sustainable packaging solutions. 

The journey has just begun, and we wish to be transparent as we go. We want to share our learnings and naturally change our packaging solutions as we go and as we become wiser. There are many parameters to keep in check in our hunt for more sustainable packaging. It can be quite frustrating , but also quite exciting and we gladly accept the challenge for generations to come, just like we promise with our slogan. 


Husk at skille din emballage ad når den er tom - så kan du sortere materialerne korrekt hver for sig