Acai Eye Cream

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Gentle, effective eye cream that revitalizes, smooths and provides intensive moisture and nourishment without leaving greasy residue in the delicate eye area.

Organic oils such as coconut, olive, sweet almond, jojoba and acai deliver deep moisture and nourishment while chamomile, purple coneflower and aloe vera counteract dryness and help to soothe the skin.

Acai Eye Cream contains natural acacia senegal gum to reduce signs of ageing and fine lines.

Its light texture is specially developed for the delicate skin around the eyes, and Acai Eye Cream is entirely fragrance-free.

Andrea recommends:
"Acai Eye Cream is always an essential part of my basic skincare routine. When I’m in a hurry, I can manage with Acai Facial Mist, Acai Anti-ageing Serum, Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil and Acai Eye Cream. You can also use Acai Eye Cream around your lips to reduce the appearance of fine lines."

User guide

Apply a drop of Acai Eye Cream to your finger and allow it to melt before gently dabbing the cream onto your eyelids and under-eye area. Can also be used between the brows and along the temples to smooth the skin and minimize fine lines.

Use Acai Eye Cream both morning and night for best results.

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