One day only: Golden Kiss Body Oil & Acai Body Oil

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Today is all about the last Rudolph Care one-day-only offer. And this time you have chance to stock up on both gorgeous moist and a beautiful glow. 

Today, 21st December 2018, you can buy some of our favourite oils; Acai Body Oil and Golden Kiss Body Oil as a collected package at the price of 84 EURO (normally 126 EURO) while stocks last. The offer is only valid today. IMPORTANT: This order cannot be delievered to you before Christmas.

Acai Body Oil is exclusive luxury for your skin that gives you the most beautiful glow and radiance. Acai Body Oil is a mix of five different organic oils of the highest quality. The oils are cold-pressed to preserve vitamins and minerals. Acai Body Oil is rich on nutrients that boosts the skin's elasticity, it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. 

Are you dreaming of taking care of your skin while making it shine? Then Golden Kiss Body Oil is what you need. Like Acai Body Oil it's a mix of exclusive organic oils - and we've added a hint of golden shimmer from the natural mineral mica, which leaves your skin with an extra glamorous look. The luscious oil is also absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Try it on your arms, legs, shoulders, collar bone and chest. 


Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

 ”Try using Golden Kiss Body Oil in your hair ends. If will define the shine of your hair while working as a nourishing styling tool. Just rub the leftovers from your palms into your hair - you don't need more than that - and your're ready to party.”

User guide

Acai Body Oil
Acai Body Oil can be used on both dry and damp skin. Apply all over the body and massage gently until it is fully absorbed into the skin. Try using a few drops in your bath – or use it as a massage oil.

Golden Kiss Body Oil
Shake the bottle and apply Golden Kiss Body Oil to the skin. Massage gently until the oil is absorbed. Use Golden Kiss Body Oil all over to highlight the arms, collarbone and shoulders. Golden Kiss Body Oil can also be used on cheeks, cheekbones or eyelids.


Please note that oil can stain clothing and rub off on other items. Both oils are concentrated, so use sparingly.

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