Spring Lovers

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Rudolph Care has gathered together four favourites that combine to create our natural spring fundamentals: glowing, hydrated and well-protected skin. Spring Lovers love your skin and their unique combination of ingredients and qualities will give you a glow to match the spring sun.

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Spring Lovers contains:

Facial Scrub Mask, 25 ml – exfoliating and hydrating mask that makes your skin soft and radiant.

Anti-ageing Serum, 30 ml – a tightening, smoothing and refining beauty bomb you can use under your day cream and sun cream.

Sun Face Cream SPF 30, 50 ml – a rich and nourishing day cream that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Sun Stick, 5 ml – high sun protection factor in concentrated form, perfect for highly exposed areas and as a softening lip balm.

Spring Lovers gives your skin the best foundation for stepping beautifully into spring.

Say goodbye to your winter skin with Facial Scrub Mask, which removes the dead grey skin cells while filling it with softening, hydrating moisture. Radiance-enhancing and smoothing Anti-ageing Serum brings life to your cheeks and strengthens the skin, making it the perfect ‘vest’ for your Sun Face Cream. The spring sun shines beautifully but also very brightly, so protect the most exposed areas with Sun Stick until your skin has developed some defence against the harmful UV rays. 

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