Sun Face Cream SPF 30

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A rich, nourishing cream that optimally protects the delicate skin of the face against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Contains natural active ingredients, including chamomile, which soothes and calms; cucumber extract, which firms and moisturises the skin; wheat germ, which has a natural antioxidant effect; and concentrated apple extract, which effectively renews cell production, helping the skin to retain its resillience. 

You can easily use Sun Face Cream instead of your regular day cream during the summer months.

Tip from Andrea: 

“The best buddies for the summer months, when it comes to protecting the skin from ageing and boosting it with glow, is the combination of Acai Anti-ageing Serum & Sun Face Cream SPF 15 or 30. I use serum under my sunscreen, so my skin reloads on moisturizing, smoothing, and firming care. I use sunscreen every day – even if the Danish summer offers plenty of clouds. Our sun face creams are moistening enough to be a day cream without being greasy, and they give the skin a gorgeous natural glow”

User guide

Apply your sunscreen liberally. Spread a generous amount of cream over face and on neck, ideally 30 minutes before going out into the sun.

Reapply Sun Face Cream every time you have been in the water and at regular intervals if spending long periods in the sun. 

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