Alternative Advent gifts from Rudolph

økologisk bæredygtig jul fra rudolph care

If it wasn’t you (or your boyfriend) that got one of the popular purple advent calendars, we hereby offer you some alternative solutions for the Sunday Christmas stockings. Unfortunately you have to wrap them in pretty paper yourself as the Rudolph elves are off for Christmas.   

alternativ adventskalender fra rudolph care bare en lille ting

just a little thing

Most Rudolph Care products comes in travel size and this makes them suitable as advent gifts. Mix as your heart desires or make it easy with this cool combo everybody would love.

Cleansing Foam TravelsizeFacial Scrub Mask TravelsizeHand Cream Travelsize & Blossom Shampoo Travelsize. Total price 330 kr. 


alternativ adventskalender fra rudolph care to små og to store

Two times small, two times large

If its okay with larger gifts in the sock, you could go for the charming combination of two travel size and two full size products. We would love the everyday luxury of the four these. 

Hand Cream TravelFacial Scrub Mask TravelDeo Roll-on & Signature Notes Purse Edition. Total price 570 kr.


lækre øko sager til adventskalenderen fra rudolph care

All in on advent

If anything goes why not go all in on the advent gifts? This combination gives you great results and a lot of luxury in small sizes fit for stockings.

Anti-stress TravelLip BalmBody LotionSignature Notes Purse Edition. Total price 904 kr.


øko luksus til rejsetasken fra rudolph care

one the guys as well

There are great gifts to be found for your man if he also deserves something nice for advent. One suggestion is the goodies from our Essentials to go. There are five products in the box, so all you have to do is wrap it up and give it away. Total price 295 kr.  


Well - now we just have to wait for December to arrive....


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A New Beginning

0 ml
295,00 kr.
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Signature Notes Eau de Parfum

50 ml
495,00 kr.
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A Hint of Summer

50 ml
345,00 kr.
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