3 reasons that mist is a summer must


We list three reasons why we’d never be without Mist Delight this summer. ​ Mist til ansigtet fra Rudolph Care - Mist Delight

1. When the flight gets a little dry

Going flying? Bring a tiny Mist Delight travelsize with you for when your skin feels the flight cabin’s dry air. Especially the honey extract in the powerful mist will help your skin retain its moisture. 

2. Cooling and refreshing in the heat

If the temperature rises on your skin and in the air around you, Mist Delight is also a great helper for freshening up and cooling down. Try leaving it in the fridge for a while or bring it with you in a cooler to the beach. 

3. Much more than moisture 

The skin may struggle through the heat; drying out and irritation from the warmth of the sun and dry air are but some of the struggles that many experience. And here Mist Delight can be of great help too – because not only do the power drops refuel both face and body with moisture; the natural ingredients, calendula and aloe vera, also work as soothing ingredients on stressed-out skin. 


Mist Delight is one of our absolute summer favorites here at the hot Rudolph Care office – and we hope that you’ll find it just as great a favorite. As a part of your beauty routine or as a cooling refresher for your purse. 


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